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Circle K In Brief
Circle K International is the world's largest collegiate organization dedicated to service and leadership development with more than 500 clubs worldwide.  It is not the size of the organization, however, which gives it its identity or provides it with its primary source of pride and satisfaction. Rather, it's the mission and the objects of the organization that set Circle K apart from other student organizations.

Circle K is a service organization through which college students can find a means of responsible student action in their communities and a more active involvement in the life of their campus.  As clubs learn about the needs of their campuses and communities, they develop hands-on activities to address these problems.

College is more than a pursuit for a scholastic degree, it offers good times, getting to know others, personal development, and meaningful contributions to the world.  Circle K provides a unique opportunity to make a difference now—Circle K is the total college experience.

The CKI Chapter at Sam Houston State University is the second oldest chapter in the Texas - Oklahoma District and one of the top 10 oldest continuous chapters in Circle K International. Our chapter was established on December 28, 1956 by a group of young men dedicated to providing community service and developing their own leadership skills.  To this day our focus has not changed. Circle K is now co-ed and its members are devoted to involving all University Students at Sam Houston State in campus and community service while developing quality leaders, scholars, citizens, and friends. CKI at SHSU is a sponsored program of the Huntsville Kiwanis Club. 

There are general requirements for you membership in CKI: willingness to serve, commitment to mankind, and adherence to the ideals of our organization, as well as an active participation in your college life.

Members of CKI must pay minimal annual dues ($50.00). In return they receive the Circle K International Magazine, handbook, membership card, certificate, CKI mailings, and membership in the best college organization in the word.

Criteria for CKI Membership & Students Seeking Membership:
Any student of good character who is officially enrolled for at least half time status, as defined by Sam Houston State University, may be elected to active membership in the SHSU CKI Chapter. An active member of this chapter shall meet all minimum membership requirements as outlined in the chapter’s bylaws and shall be entitled to all privileges of this chapter.

There are three types of membership…

Associate Membership…
is bestowed upon an individual who qualify for full membership according to the criteria for membership and pay dues. These individuals will follow the guidelines below.

  1. Wear your CKI pin on meeting days & to all official functions
  2. Wear your CKI shirt to all service projects
  3. Attendance at 4 service, 4 social, and 2 fundraisers projects during CKI 101
  4. Attendance at weekly meetings is strongly encouraged. *
  5. Participation with your individual committee
  6. Pay Dues upon Request

Upon completion of CKI 101, individuals will be considered full members of CKI. The executive committee will make borderline decisions. You will be received as full members at an induction ceremony in your honor!

Full Membership…

  1. Wear your CKI pin on meeting days & to all official functions
  2. Wear your CKI shirt to all service projects
  3. Attendance at weekly meetings is strongly encouraged. *
  4. Average 3 hours of Service & Socials activities per month.
  5. Actively serve on at least one of the chapter’s committees
    (Service, Social, PR, K-Family, M.D.&E., etc)
  6. Attendance of 1 district or divisional events each semester
  7. Adherence to the Bylaws & Policy Code of the Chapter
  8. Recruit one new member for the chapter each semester.

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