Federal Reserve Trip


One of the exciting things that the Banking and Finance Club gets to do each year is to accompany Dr. Bexley on a comprehensive tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of Houston. We are priveledged characters in that we get to see some of the non-public features of the bank by virtue of Dr. Bexley being on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Fed. We got to see the inner vault where way cool robotics handle the processing of millions of dollars of currency. One professors appropriate remark was that "It resembled the science fiction processing capability of Monsters Inc. the movie." The process of detecting counterfeit bills and filtering out worn out currency is simply amazing. Finally the Fed gave us about $50 for coming (Unfortunately it was shredded old bills). There is also a museum/display area with lots of intesting information. You can even see how much a gold ingot weighs.

After the tour, we all got to attend an immaculate reception with a large buffet of finger foods accompanied by a very nice wet bar. Fortunately nobody drank to much so we will more than likely be invited back in future years.