Board Games
We will be playing board games at the Ella Smithers Geriatric Center from 2pm-3pm

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Book and Diaper Drive Deadline
There will be a box outside Dr. Williams office #239 in the TEC Building until April 19th for the Diaper Drive.

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General Meeting
We will be having a general meeting open to all members in order to discuss upcoming events

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Ice Cream Social
We will be de-stessing for final exams
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2006 Regional Convention Paul Quinn College
May Mohr, Stephanie Strong, William Kelly, Nikki Dwigans, and Jerry Westergaard.

Welcome to Alpha Chi @ SHSU!

Welcome to our new website!

If you are planning to be a student we whole heartedly welcome you to our campus and our chapter of Alpha Chi.

Please take a look around and feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions.

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There was an error made on Dr. Williams office number, where the box will be placed for the Diaper Drive. Her office number is 239 in the TEC Building. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Also the next General Meeting will be held on April 17th at 7:00 pm in LSC Room 307.


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