Alcohol & Drug Education
"Kats Taking Care of Kats"

The ADAI utilizes the SHSU Bearkat mascot theme to engage student participation in alcohol and drug education and promote their willingness to assist their fellow “Kats” when they are engaging in risky behaviors associated with alcohol use. The “Kats Taking Care of Kats” campaign has been integrated into each AAI event, article, and presentation made to SHSU students and the community.  “Kats Taking Care of Kats” utilizes a holistic approach to create a comprehensive alcohol education program for students.  Multiple teaching strategies combined with unique activities conducted by peers and professionals are used in an effort to improve the student knowledge, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors associated with alcohol consumption.  Focus areas of the campaign include drinking and driving, binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, and underage drinking. 

For more information about the specific alcohol and drug education programs offered, visit Programs.

Rosanne S. Keathley, Ph.D.
ADAI Coordinator
SHSU Box 2176
Huntsville, TX 77341-2176
Phone: 936-294-1171
Fax: 926-294-3891