• Modern Cryptography and Steganography
• Introduction to Malware and Computer Security
• Risk Assessment and Financial System Security
• Disaster Recovery
• Special Topics in Computer Science: Virtualization
• Operating Systems
• Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
• Web Services in Java
• Technologies in E-Commerce
Graduate Courses
Undergraduate Courses
• Introduction to Algorithms
• Introduction to Digital Forensics and Information Assurance
• Modern Cryptography
• Introduction to Computing
• Object Oriented Programming in Java
• Introduction to C++
• Digital Logic Design
• Probabilistic Analysis of Computer Systems
Useful Teaching & Learning Resources:

* UC Berkeley
has this page loaded with interesting teaching tips.
* Iowa State has some help for couse planning on this CELT page.
* Univ of Central Florida - Art and Science of Teaching & Learning
* Univ of Florida - Center for Instructional Technology & Training
* Another good compilation of resources is here by Ohio State University. They even have links to University teaching centers around the world!