MKT 478 - Review for Final Exam - Chapters 1-12


1.      Know the definition of Marketing

2.      Know the difference between the elements of marketing mix and the elements of the promotional mix

3.      Know the following definition: the marketing concept and Integrated Marketing Communication

4.      What does the term direct marketing mean

5.      Know the following terms: strategic marketing plan, situation analysis, competitive advantage, market segmentation, 80-20 rule

6.      Know the various segmentation techniques (e.g., behavioral, geographic, Psychographic, etc.)

7.      Who are the major players in an IMC

8.      Know the responsibilities of the various people in ad agencies: copywriter, art director, etc.

9.      Know the definition of consumer behavior

10.  Know the various steps of the decision making process.

11.  Know the difference between perception, motivation, and attitude, need.

12.  Know the difference between classical and operant conditioning

13.  Know the elements of the communication process (e.g., sender, receiver, etc.)

14.  Know the AIDA and the hierarchy of effects model.

15.  What is necessary for source credibility

16.  Know the advantages and disadvantages of using celebrity

17.  Know the difference between the following appeals: fear, refutational, emotional

18.  Why and who may use humorous ads.

19.  Know the difference between marketing and communication objective

20.  How do advertisers measure success?

21.  What is an S shaped response function

22.  What does the term positing mean?

23.  What does the term ad campaign mean?

24.  Know the difference between quantitative and qualitative research

25.  What is included in a copy platform?

26.  What does the term creative execution style mean

27.  What are teaser ads

28.  Know the difference between the following terms: frequency, reach, coverage, pulsing, flighting, CPM

29.  Know the difference between zipping and zapping

30.  Know the advantages and disadvantages of TV, Radio, newspaper, and magazines

31.  Know the difference between network, locals, and affiliates.

32.  What are gatefolds, bleed pages, inserts

33.  What is a split run test?