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China has been one of the fastest growing countries in the world for the past two decades. People's income and living condition, especially in major cities, has been greatly improved over the years. China has been striding ahead in massive country-wide capital constructions, such as airports, ship ports, highway system, railway system and telecommunication systems.

Below is a figure depicting the 4 vertical and 4 horizontal High-Speed Railways (HSR) across more than half of the area of China. All these 13,000 km (8125 miles) HSR will be finished by the year of 2012. Among these 8 lines, 5,000 km (3,125 miles) will operate at 250 km/h (156 miles/h) and the rest 8000 km (5,000 miles) at 350 km/h (219 miles/h). In other words, by then it will only take about 4 hours to travel between Beijing and Shanghai which are 1,318 km (824 miles) apart. The convenient locations of train stations (most are located in downtowns with connections to subways, buses, etc.) and simple and smooth travel make it a competitive choice for travels.


My City

My hometown city Shenzhen, across the border from Hong Kong, has been the fastest booming city in China for the past 25 years. She has grown from a small village of a few thousand people to a 13 million population metropolitan and the 4th busiest port (21.1 million TEUs 2007, after Singapore, Shanghai and HongKong) in the world. Massive constructions have not sacrificed her beautiful environment. With parks, gardens, trees and lawns everywhere, it is considered one of the best places for living in China.

Here, you can find the widest varieties of the finest food (nothing like the so called Chinese buffet in the U.S.) from all over China, Asia and the world.

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