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You don't choose your family.  They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.  ~Desmond Tutu

Let me introduce you to mine...


My handome son, Justin, is 17 years old and a senior @ Trinity High School. His passion is baseball. He can play any position, but his favorite is pitcher.

He has had the opportunity to play tournament ball and represent Texas in Hawaii in 2008. It was an awesome experience to share with him.

He is smart, sweet and kind-hearted. I am very proud of him!

Click on his image to see some of my favorite pictures.

My beautiful daughter, Jordan Lacy, is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. She loves art, drama and music. She loves school and has always loved to go to the doctor and dentist. I describe her as a social butterfly who loves the girly-girly stuff, but can be a tomboy in a blink of an eye.

She is also smart and kind-hearted and loves animals. If she doesn't grow up to be an artist or performer; I think she'd be a great vet!

Click on her image to see some of my favorite pictures.



My husband, Leonard is the nicest guy I know. He loves his family and works hard to support us!

And...yes, he would fish 24/7 if he could :)

This is my mom, Joyce, and her husband, Floyd.

I can't imagine life without her...she's the best. She is a cancer survivor and I am so proud of her!

These handsome guys are my baby brother, Jamey, and my adorable nephews, Will (4 yrs old) & Ian (2 yrs old).

Yep...he has his hands full :)

This picture is priceless... 4 Generations

My grandmother is 97 years old and lives in Florida.

She is an ANGEL...imagine the changes she has seen in her lifetime.


I have other aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws that are very important in my life.

***I am truly blessed***

Thank you for allowing me to share my family with you.