Frequently Asked Questions

about the MS program in Mathematics

Sam Houston State University

  Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. 1.Are there night classes or online classes in the MS-Math program? Occasionally a class will be offered in the early evening, say 5 - 6:30 but most of our classes are day classes.  All of our classes are on campus, face-to-face, in a small casual setting where faculty can work closely with students.

  2. 2.Is there a tuition waiver with the teaching assistantship?  Sorry, not at this time.  We hope to see tuition waivers in the future....

  3. 3.What are typical teaching assistant duties?  Most students teach two sections of MATH 0332, a developmental mathematics course for first year students.  (Mrs. Mary Lou Shelton provides supervision for these courses.)  Other students grade for faculty or work in our tutoring center or work for Distance Learning (DELTA.)

  4. 4. Is there support in addition to the assistantships?  Yes, there are graduate scholarships.  More information is available here.

  5. 5.What are the graduate classes for 2012-2013?  Here is a tentative schedule for 2012-13.

       Fall 2012 classes (first year graduate students will take Analysis I, Algebra I and Numerical Linear Algebra):

MATH 5360, Differential Geometry (second-year students) Brian Loft, TR 11-12:20

*STAT 5361, Theory & App of Probability (elective for second-year students) Melinda Holt, TR 12:30-1:50

*MATH 5360, Topics in Algebra, Ken Smith, MW 5-6:20

MATH 6333, Analysis I (first-year students) Damon Hay, TR 9:30-11:50

MATH 6335, Algebra I (first-year students) Luis Garcia, MW 11-12:20

MATH 6368, Numerical Linear Algebra (first- & second-year students)  Ed Swim, 3-4:30 MW

MATH 6398/6099, Research project/Thesis

        Spring 2013 (tentative)

MATH 5360, Applied Math (second-year students) John Alford

MATH 5397, Discrete Math (first and second year students) Marty Malandro

MATH 6334, Analysis II (first-year students) Damon Hay

MATH 6336, Algebra II (first-year students) Luis Garcia

MATH 6398/6099, Research project/Thesis

        (*An asterisk denotes an elective.)

  1. 6. What paperwork is required for graduation?

  2.     There is a “declaration of major” form which should be filled out in the spring of the first year.  If the student does a thesis, there are additional forms which must be processed throughout the completion of the thesis.

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