Ken’s Math History Notes
Dr. Ken W. Smith
Sam Houston State University

  Main topics

  Introduction (pdf, 2 pages)

  1.   1 Before the Greeks

  2.   2 The Greek Age

  3.   3 Quiet Millenium

  4.   4 The Calculus Revolution

  5.   The Age of Uncertainty (XIXth Century)

  6.   The Twentieth Century

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Useful links:

  1. MacTutor History of Math site  (site with extensive information on every aspect of math history.)

  2. Don Allen’s History of Math site  (a history of math class at Texas A & M.)

  3. MacTutor list of Math History websites

  4. My Mathematical Concepts page (important mathematical concepts we will explore in this course)

Recommended books and textbooks:

  1. The History of Mathematics: An Introduction by Burton, 7th ed, McGraw-Hill 2010

  2.     (textbook for MTH 467, SHSU, Spring 2011)

  3. An Introduction to the History of Mathematics by Eves, 6th ed, Brooks-Cole 1990

  4.     (textbook for MTH 467 & MTH 560, SHSU, Spring 2010)

  5. Mathematical Thought From Ancient to Modern Times (3 vols) by Morris Kline, Oxford 1990

  6.     (textbook for MTH 673, CMU, Summer 2005)

  7. Hilbert by Constance Reid, Springer 1996 (textbook for MTH 560, SHSU, Spring 2010)

Last modified February 15, 2012