Welcome to Calculus II



    In the first third of this course we will cover techniques of integration so we can integrate practically any function given us! 

    Most of the material on integration techniques can be found in chapter 8 of the textbook by Thomas.

   In the second part of this class we cover applications of integration to area and volume, more generally to physics. 

    This material is in chapters 6, 7 and 9 of the textbook by Thomas.

   In the third part of the course we write functions as infinite series.  This is the “correct” way to view functions -- or at least one of the most practical ways to view a function!  

    Infinite series are covered in chapter 11 of the textbook by Thomas.

   Finally, motivated by infinite series, we introduce polar coordinates & complex numbers

    This material is in chapters 10-11 of our textbook and appendix A-5.

Main topics

  1. 1. Techniques of integration

  2. 2. Applications of integration

  3. 3. Infinite series

  4. 4. Complex numbers, conic sections and other miscellanea






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