GBA 281

Business Law



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Here is the syllabus for Spring 2003 in html format.




Sample/ Old Exams

Why not take a look at a sample exam?  Here is one for chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in HTML format.  Don’t be dismayed, it is harder than the usual exam! But, it should give you an idea of what the real exams might look like!  The usual exam will be 50 questions covering the chapters discussed.


Here is a partial actual first exam with an answer key. I have excised certain questions for my own reasons.  Take the time to review this, but also realize in the past we taught ethics in this first section, so there may be some questions with ethics you haven’t been exposed to yet.



Here is an old prior second exam with an answer key.  Realize again the chapters do not necessarily correspond to the chapters we covered.


Here is an old prior third exam with an answer key.  Again, the test doesn’t necessarily cover the chapters we have covered.





On Line Exams & Study Materials


Here is a link to valuable study materials and on line study exams.  You will be able to earn extra credit by doing the exams (more about this in class).  Here is the link:  ç THIS IS THE LINK TO THE EXTRA CREDIT E- TESTS!  Its called the “test tutor- online quizzes”.





In an effort to avail yourself of a method to both aid you in studying for the regular examinations and to assist you in studying and recognizing your own strength and weaknesses, I offer you the ability to earn one point per e-test submitted electronically to me up to a FIVE POINT MAXIMUM PER REGULARLY SCHEDULED EXAM. 


The rules are simple: you do the tests, email them to me (but make sure to keep a copy because occasionally the email system breaks!), and I will grant credit on the next exam.  You are NOT required to do the e-tests, but I think you will find it to your benefit.  For example, if you made a raw score of 76 and did 7 out of 7 e-tests, you would get 5 points added, so your score would be 81. If you had done only 4 e-tests, you would get 4 points.  Obviously it is to your advantage to do all the e-tests to make sure you know how well you have knowledge of all the chapter’s materials.


Note also: you do not have to make a perfect score, but you do have to make at least 70% particularly since this is an open book type of test.  I plan to offer this opportunity for the rest of the semester, but I do reserve the right to cancel this opportunity at any time with adequate notice. 


Finally, I will “shut down” the receipt of the e-tests approximately three or four days before the actual exam itself. Any e-tests received after the “to be announced” cut off will not be included in your score. CUT OFF: SATURDAY MIDNIGHT BEFORE EXAM




Exam Results/E-Test Progress


To decode the “code number”, use the following system: Look at your social security number, such as 123-45-6789.


You look to digits 8, 9 and 3.  Thus, in this example, the code number would be 893.  There were two duplicates, so you look to digits 8,9,3,5.  Those four students would have to look at the very bottom of the page due to the sorting then of 4 digits as opposed to 3 digits. 


Note also if your “first” digits in the “code” begin with a zero, the zero(s) does not show, thus you might only see two digits displayed.


Here is the cumulative link to your grades and e-tests.






Extra credit will count up to 5 points on your final grade. However, the average extra credit in the past has usually been about 3 points.  It obviously depends on the quality of your paper. The paper is due the final class or may be emailed to me before that time.

You may write a 5 page paper (with sources) on any one of the following topics:


1.                The ethics of using Nazi gained medical information in today’s medical exploration.

2.                The ethics of Enron

3.                The antitrust case against Microsoft

4.                The ethics/legality of stem cell research

5.                The antitrust case against AT&T (the original telephone company) and its eventual split-up into the baby bells and its fallout and effect in today’s world.  





Class Outlines


Attached please find the various class outlines by chapter.  This, of course, is a work in process.  Hopefully you will find them useful. 

NOTICE: Agency covers ch 31 and 32



Chapter1new               Chapter 2new              Chapter3new               Chapter 4 new             Chapter 5new




 Chapter 6 new    Chapter 7 new                    Chapter 8new              Chapter 9 new Chapter 46 new           Chapter 47 new




Chapter 48 New          Chapter 49new            Chapter 50new            IntestateDistribution               Chapter 33




Chapter 34 new           chapter 35                               Agency et al                 Chapter 36 new           Chapter 37 new            Chapter 38      Ch 39


Chapter 40

Chapter 41 new           chapter 42                               Chapter 43 new           chapter 44