GBA 470


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Here is the syllabus in pdf format for spring 2004.





Test one posted here

Test Two is posted here.


PowerPoint Slides


Here is Section 4500, governmental regulations



NOTICE:  The Final Exam will be a research paper as per below:




NOTICE TO ALL CLASSES WHO TURN IN PAPERS TO ME: I expect to use (an internet plagiarism checker) in the future.  Accordingly, either quit cut and pasting or cite your sources. THIS IS YOUR FAIR WARNING!


Class Outlines

These are appropriate outlines to the West’s Business Law book by Clarkson and are valuable overviews of the materials: 



Chapter 46 new           Chapter 47 new




Chapter 48 New




Negotiable Instruments



Chapter 24     Chapter 25     Chapter 26


Chapter 27                       




Chapter 19-Sales K             Chapter 20- Title, Risk         Chapter 21- Performance of Sales K


          Chapter 28




Chapter 10- Nature of Contracts     Ch 11- Agreement     Chapter 12- Consideration


Chapter 13- Capacity                   Chapter 14- Genuineness        Chapter 15- Statute of Frauds


Chapter 16- 3rd Party          Chapter 17-Performance      Chapter 18-Breach of Contract




Bankruptcy Law  ç NEW

Chapter 30




Agency et al


Business Organizations:

Sole Prop & PN: Chapter 33

Corps: Formation: Chapter 34 new  

Corps: Directors chapter 35    

Mergers and Consolidations: chapter 36


Wills and trusts

Wills and Trusts