Work Order System

Institutional Effectiveness Data Work Order Request Form

Cognos Report requests should be submitted to Institutional Effectiveness via this work order request form.  Requests will be fulfilled by IE or immediately routed to the appropriate SHSU department.  Requestors will be notified of the status of requests.

Before submitting an open records request, please refer to this information: SHSU Open Records Policy and Privacy Act information.

SHSU employees are welcome to review the Data Cookbook for information about existing reports and variables.

Please read the information below carefully before submitting a work order. Due to increases in the volume of data requests, please allow a minimum of ten business days for the completion of your request. Please provide an explanation of urgency if your request will require expediting.  Please include as much information as possible in the text boxes below, including relevant cohort descriptors such as student classification, student level (undergraduate/graduate), student type (first time freshman, first time transfer, etc.), academic term (fall/spring/summer), academic year (single year or range), CIP codes, course numbers (SHSU/common course number), retention rates (1-Year, 2-Year, etc.), graduation rates (4-Year/5-Year/6-Year), fiscal year (for non-student records), etc. Please email supporting documents to Martha Blume ( Completed reports will be submitted to the requestor in Microsoft Excel, unless another format is requested, below. If you have a preferred output, please provide a table with the desired row and column labels. If SHSU does not collect the data you request, IE will assist you in locating alternative sources.

Please enter your workorder information below:

Is this a one-time or recurring data request?

Are you providing supporting documents via email?

(Please email supporting documents to Martha Blume,, with the Subject Line identical to the Title of Request for this work order.)

 Your request will be fulfilled as soon as possible, given the order in which it is received and the availability of data. If you have a requested deadline, please include it in the text box below.