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Topics: 2011


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2011 LET'S TALK!™ Topics



Discussion Leader


Livin' on Love and Laugter

 Doc Blakely, BS ‘60


Big Shot Rob

Robert Horry

Retired NBA Forward

Winning Hearts & Minds in Afghanistan As U.S. Troops Transition Home

Dr. Steve Young

SHSU Faculty & Retired CIA Operations Officer

Financial Fraud and Senior Adults

 Dr. Robert “Bob” Roush

BS ‘64 & ME ‘66, Director, Texas Consortium Geriatric Education Center

Republican Take Over in Congress

Stephen Munisteri

Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

Pilates: Core Strength for Mind, Soul, and Body

Betty Nicolay


Certified Pilates instructor & SHSU faculty, and Dana Nicolay, SHSU Interim Dean, Fine Arts & Mass Communications

Someone To Watch Over Me

Terri Jaggers

MA ‘10, Advocate for Foster Children, 2008 Mrs. U.S. America & SHSU Faculty

Help Wanted: Educated Workforce

Dr. Larry Faulkner

President, Houston Endowment, Inc

Ready For Catastrophe: Hospitals Crisis Response

Dr. Dan Stultz

President & CEO, Texas Hospital Association

Cupcake Crazy

 Nicole Mora

Owner of Frosted Betty Bake Shop

Sam Houston's Texas Legacy

Denton Florian

Executive Producer & Director, The Sam Houston Movie

The Lasting Art of Quilts

Karey Bresenhan

BS ‘62, President & CEO, Quilts, Inc.

Making America Beautiful - Farouk Systems & CHI Hair Sensations

Farouk Shami

Founder & Chairman, Farouk Systems, Inc.

HEB: Uniquely Texan

Scott McClelland

HEB Houston Division President

American Obesity: Who's the Biggest Loser of All?

Dr. John de Castro

Dean, SHSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Surviving Eleven Days in Hell - The Carrasco Prison Siege of 1974

* Anthony “Jack” Branch

* Wesley Warner

* Wayne Scott

*Carrasco Siege Hostage, Retired Windham School System

*BS ‘74, Former Walls Unit Assistant Warden, Retired McConnell Unit Warden

*BBA ‘73, Former Walls Unit Lieutenant, Retired TDCJ Executive Director

Chimpanzees of Gombe

Dr. Maria Botero

Researcher & SHSU Faculty

Texas Wine and Romance

Damian Mandola

BA ‘77, Entrepreneur, Restaurateur

Higher Education in the Current Legislative Session

Dr. Brian McCall

The Texas State University System Chancellor, Retired Texas State Representative

Cyber Crime - To Catch a Predator

Corporal Jeff Lee

BA ‘97, & Gary Spurger, Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas ‘08, Harris County High Tech and Cyber Crimes Unit

War on Terror

LTC David Yebra

SHSU faculty

Keels and Wheels

Robert “Bob” Fuller

BBA ‘63, Founder & Chairman

Inside the Oil Spill

George Yax

Jack Douglas

BBA ’66 & MBA ’67, Owner, American Pollution Control.    

BS ’90 & MA’94, Consultant, BP Oil Spill Command Center

Outsmarting Smugglers

Nancy Kratzer

BS ’79, retired U.S. Department of Homeland Security



“Wisdom begins in Wonder.” - Socrates





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