Readings in World History from the Renaissance to Imperialism

Developed by Lee M. Pappas

I.  An Introduction to History.

II.  The World in the 15th Century.

III.  Fifteenth Century Europe:  Social and Economic Changes.

IV.  Fifteenth Century Europe:  Political Changes.
V.  Fifiteen Century Europe:  Cultural Changes.  The Renaissance.
VI.  Sixteenth Century Europe:  Cultural Changes--The Reformation and Counterrreformation.
VII.  The Wars of Religion.
VIII.  The Ottoman Challenge and the Rise of Moscow.
IX.  Expansion of Europe:  Initial Phase and General effects, 1400-1600.
X.  Expansion of Europe:  Overseas Empires & Commercial Development, 1500-1700.
XI.  State Formation in Early Modern Europe.
XII.  Tensions in States and Societies.
XIII.  The Incubation of Industry.

XIV.  The Enlightenment:  Its Origins and Themes.

XV.  The Legacy of the American and French Revolutions.
XVI. The Napoleonic Wars
XVII.  Affects of the Industrial Revolution.
XVIII.  Nationalism, Liberalism and State Power.
XIX.  Theories of Revolution and Evolution.
XX.  The Rise of Russia:  The First Developing Country, 1400-1800.
XXI.  The Islamic World and the Near East.

XXII.  India and South Asia.

XXIII.  China, Japan and East Asia in the 19th century.
XXIV.  Africa:  Northern and Sub-Saharan.
XXV.  Oceania.
XXVI.  The Americas.
XXVII.  European Expansion and International Tensions, 1870-1914.