Lecture Notes

Developed by Lee M. Pappas and Nicholas C. J. Pappas

Lecture 1: An Introduction to History.

Lecture 2:  The World in the 15th Century.

Lecture 3:  Fifteenth Century Europe:  Social and Economic Changes

Lecture 4:  Fifteenth Century Europe:  Cultural Changes:  The Renaissance.

Lecture 5:  Sixteenth Century Europe:  Cultural Changes--The Reformation.

Lecture 6: Lecture Protestants, Catholics and the Wars of Religion.

Lecture 7: The Ottoman Empire and the Muscovy.

Lecture 8:  The Expansion of Europe:  Initial Phase and General effects, 1400-1600.

Lecture 9:  The Expansion of Europe:  Overseas Empires and Commercial Development, 1500-1700.

Lecture 10:  State Formation in Early Modern Europe.

Lecture 15: Affects of the Industrial Revolution.

Lecture 16: Theories of Revolution and Evolution.

Lecture 18: The Rise of Russia--The First Developing Country, 1400-1800.

Lecture 19: The Islamic World and the Near East.

Lecture 20: India and South Asia.

Lecture 21: CHINA.

Lecture 22: Japan.

Lecture 23: Africa--Northern and Sub-Saharan.