Caroline Castillo Crimm

Professor of History

Sam Houston State University

Room 447 - Academic Building 4
Office: 936/294-1487
Fax: 936/294-3938

Teaching Awards


On-Campus Courses


HIS 164 US History

From 1865

Colonial and Modern
Latin American History




De León:

A Tejano Family History

Winner of the San Antonio Conservation Award,

Sons of the Republic of Texas

Presidio La Bahia Award


Texas Catholic Historical Society Book Award

Cabin Fever: The Roberts/Farris Cabin of Huntsville, Texas

Turn of the Century

Photographs of San Diego

with Sarah Massey

Introduction to

Hers, His, and Theirs


Jean Stuntz

"Mary (Mollie) O.

Taylor Bunton"

Chapter in

Texas Women on the Cattle Trails

editor Sarah Massey


"Matthew 'Bones' Hooks" Chapter in Black Cowboys of Texas

editor Sarah Massey

"Fernando de León:

Leadership Lost"

chapter in

Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas

editor Jesus F. de la Teja

Introduction to

Voices from the Wild Horse Desert

by Jane Clements Monday and Betty Colley

"Two Gilded Age Hotels:

The History, Restoration and

Adaptive Use of the

Tampa Bay and Ponce De Leon

Hotels in Florida"

MA Thesis - Texas Tech University

“Petra Vela and the Kenedy Family Legacy,” chapter in

Tejano Epic: Essays in
Honor of Felix Almaraz, Jr.

editor Arnoldo de León

"Mexican-Texans after the Texas Revolution, 1836-1870," chapter in

Tejano Journey,

editors G. E. Poyo and J. F. de la Teja,

“J. Frank Dobie,” Ed., Richart H. Cracroft, Twentieth-Century American Western Writers, Dictionary of Literary Biography,

Vol. 212