Race, Blues, Rock’ N’ Roll and the Geography of the Mississippi Delta: A Field Trip  

Sam Houston State Geography Department

During the geography trip the class went to Po’ Monkeys, one of the last rural juke joints. Also, a lecture was given by Dr. Brown professor at Delta State University.

The Blues Trip

For the past five years the geography department at Sam Houston State University has given students an opportunity to attend a field trip focusing on the roots of the blues music. The trip focuses on the history of the blues and the impact it had on the culture. Various themes are discussed throughout the trip like “Rock n’ roll,” Elvis Presley, civil rights movements, Dr. Martin Luther King, Emmett Till, and even the cultural impact of some of world’s most famous Barbeque. The trip is designed for eager students hungry for knowledge of Blues and its culture as well as hungry for some excellent food. There is sure to be a topic of interest for any student regardless of their major or minor.

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