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Universidad Castilla La Mancha
Sam Houston State University offers the unique opportunity for students to earn college credit at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain during Summer I Session, 2016.
The University Community - Toledo
The "Imperial City of Toledo", 70 kilometers (40 miles) from Madrid, expresses the most complete and characteristic ensemble of all that is genuinely Spanish. Located at the crossroad of civilizations, Toledo arose as the coveted prize of many cultures, including Christian, Jewish and Moorish. The accumulation of artistic, religious, and civic monuments speaks for a characteristic blending of styles - Arab, Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance - and for sustained periods of coexistence - the co-existence of people of all religions and ethnic heritages. From as early as the 13th century, the School of Translators has brought classical and oriental cultures within reach of the Western world. Synagogues, mosques, and the Cathedral of the Primate of Spain articulate Toledo’s identity as a national monument.

Toledo, bounded by the Tajo River, sits upon enormous masses of rock and cliff. Poplars, almond trees and classic olive groves surround medieval walls.

Landscape and sky are dramatic: the earth is red and the sky is violet, which lends a special, polished brilliance to towers and spires. Such gleaming contrasts in light and color inspired Domenikos Theotokopoulos, better known as "El Greco", who arrived in Toledo about 1577. El Greco painted and bequeathed to the Toledo his best works, his presence and his absence. Many of his finest paintings are still housed here today, and the city of Toledo and the province Castilla-La Mancha have become virtual museums of "El Greco".

The Universidad Castilla-La Mancha, which enrolls some 8,000 students, is located in the heart of the old city; narrow streets, rising steeply from the main highway to Madrid, take you to the main offices in the Renaissance Palace of San Lorenzo. Quiet little squares, massive mansions, a maze of steep , narrow lanes, portals crowned by coats of arms and crests, suburbs a thousand years old -Toledo is grandiose but intimate, described by the playwright Tirso de Molina as "the heart of Spain". This great city of tradition and innovation will be your environment during Summer I.
Objectives of Courses
The objectives of these courses are to immerse students in the language and culture of Spain, providing the means to learn the language and culture more efficiently. It is a proven fact that students acquire languages more easily when they have the opportunity to experience it in the country where it is spoken. In addition, students will travel extensively throughout the country. As a recent participant in the study abroad program said: "I have a level of understanding now that I could have never attained had it not been for my time in another country. I appreciate the values and beliefs of other cultures as I do my own now".
Rationale for Travel
The discoveries of a different language are incorporated into the student's life in a more meaningful way when they actually see first hand where that language originates and how it is shaped by a particular culture. The students will have a wonderful opportunity to experience diverse cultures in several regions of Spain.
Courses of Study
SPN 3380: SPANISH CULTURE & CIVILIZATION. This course introduces students to the culture and civilization of Spain. A variety of topics relevant to Spanish history in the context of other European nations are discussed.

SPN 4365: PABLO PICASSO & SPANISH ART. This course examines the interplay between Spanish culture and Spanish art using Pablo Picasso as a central unifying figure in order to relate past, present and future aspects of Spanish heritage.

SPN 4375: INDIVIDUAL READINGS IN SPANISH. Designed for the individual student who may need to study a particular era, genre, or author. Enrollment in this course is restricted and must be granted by department chair.

Class Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Field activities will be organized for Mondays and Fridays. Optional classes in dance, cinema, cooking and other activities are offered from 4:30-6:30 pm.
The grades in the course are based on i) attendance and participation in all classes, discussions and cultural activities outlined in the course; ii) successful completion of all exams and essays which are part of the courses taught in Toledo.
Receive Credits in Toledo
Participating students will receive a total of SIX CREDITS at SHSU
for taking TWO of the following three courses:

         SPN 3380, SPN 4365 or SPN 4375.
Living Arrangements
Home stays with families with three meals each day are included in the price.
Four weeks beginning on May 31, 2016. Arrival in Madrid is June 1. Classes begin June 2. Classes end on July 2.
Type of Program
The program in Toledo is cosponsored by SHSU and the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Español in Toledo (ESTO).

Application is made through Dr. Enrique Mallen in the Department of Foreign Languages.

Students pay program costs directly to SHSU. Credits earned on the program have been pre-approved based on prior courses in Spanish. SHSU students remain eligible for most scholarships and other forms of financial aid that they normally receive.
Am I eligible to apply?
Any SHSU student is eligible to apply. Applications are available from Dr. Enrique Mallen in the Department of Foreign Languages.
When should I apply?
Early application is encouraged as spaces are limited. Late registrations accepted if space is available. Apply by the FALL semester to secure a space.
Click here for application APPLICATION
How much will it cost?
The summer program (2016) cost is $2,500 (approx.). Included: instructional costs, room and board (3 meals per day everyday with the host family), medical insurance, access to Internet, transportation for field trips, hotel accommodations, and fees. Additional costs will be airfare (arranged by the students), passport and personal expenses. Costs are based on current exchange rates and subject to change.
What about transportation?
We will coordinate group travel MAY 31 to arrive in Madrid on JUNE 1 with transfer to Toledo provided. If independent flight arrangements are made, participants will receive directions to the meeting point in Madrid. Scheduled group trips to Madrid, Segovia and Barcelona will be organized by the professor and all the students will be expected to participate. Some free weekends for independent exploration will also be available.
What else will I need?
Passport pictures; passport and visa information; and books and materials about living, traveling, and working abroad are available at International Programs. Extra money for independent travel, gifts, etc. is recommended.
Can I get more information?
Complete course descriptions, more program information, and books about Spain are available at International Programs.

Academics: Students should discuss general academic information about the Toledo program with Dr. Enrique Mallen, Foreign Languages; e-mail: Students also should discuss study plans with their regular academic advisers.

Financial Aid: For information about applying your financial aid to study abroad programs, contact International Programs.

Administrative Details: For applications and details about studying abroad, transferring credit, etc., see additional resource materials or contact International Programs.

For further information contact:

Dr. Enrique Mallen.
Foreign Languages. Sam Houston State University
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Tel: (936) 294-1433; (979) 739-8187; Fax: (936) 294-4144

Ms. Cassie Cure
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