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Journal of Finnish Studies
- Tentative Publication Schedule -

Tentative publication schedule 20162019:

Vol. 20, no. 1.
Poverty of a Beggar and a Nobleman: Experiencing and Encountering Impoverishment in Nineteenth-Century Finland. Theme issue, guest-edited by Tiina Hemminki and Pirita Frigren.

Vol. 20, no. 2. Open issue.

Vol. 21, no. 1. Leading to Finland's Independence. “Finland 100” theme issue, edited by Helena Halmari, Scott Kaukonen, Hanna Snellman, and Hilary Virtanen.

Vol. 21, no. 2. Engaging the New Mobilities Paradigm in the Context of Finland. Theme issue, guest-edited by Driss Habti, Tuulikki Kurki, and Perttu Vartiainen.

Vol. 22, no. 1. Counter-Readings on Finnish Nationhood: Minority Strategies and the Making of the Nation. Theme issue, guest-edited by Peter Stadius, Eija Stark, and Raluca Bianca Roman.

Vol. 22, no. 2. Open issue. (Submissions are accepted for peer-review process.)