"I'd Love to Have a Sweetheart"

I'd love to have a sweetheart, and see her ev'ry day,
I'd love to have a sweetheart to speed the time away,
I'd love to pin The White Cross just ov'r her beating heart,
So all the world would surely know she's my Sigma Chi sweetheart.

I'd love to have a sweetheart, a girl that's dear and true,
I'd love to have a sweetheart to whisper "I love you,"
I'd surely make her promise from me she'd never part,
And then she'd be forever more just my Sigma Chi sweetheart.

"Little Girl"

The world is so big and she is so small,
The wonder it is that I found her at all;
Her smile is so lovely, her eyes are so true,
That ev'ryone love her, yes, I love her too.
I love her because, well, I can't tell you why,
It's not just her smile or the light in her eye;
It's the wonderful meaning I know what they say,
Her smile and her eyes, when they're looking my way.

And this is my thought as I journey along,
To love little things, yes, a girl or a song;
So much that is worthwhile is not big at all,
The White Cross is wondrous and yet it is small.
Little songs, little girls, little flowers beside,
Little boats on the bay going out with the tide;
I love all that's little, it's easy to see
That you, little girl, really captivate me.

"My Sweetheart"

Many students have their sweethearts in this college town,
But there's one 'mong all the others wears a dark blue gown;
She's my sweetheart, you may know her, just as well as I,
By her sweet and modest manner, as she passes by.

A Sigma Chi badge you will see,
She wears it because she loves me;
The boys all declare, with a satisfied air,
That the Cross ne'er adorned a maiden so fair,
As it rises and falls on her breast,
It gleams like a star in the West,
Upon the blue coat, just below the white throat,
Emblematic of all that is best.

Very often have I wondered how to pass the day,
When I did not have a sweetheart speeding time away;
Now, when study hours are over I delight to woo,
And can read in eyes most tender, how she loves me true.

My sweetheart's the girl in blue,
I'm going to marry her, too;
'Twould fill me with bliss, just to give her a kiss,
And repeat, for a dozen I never would miss,
But wait till I graduate soon,
A long t'ward the end of next June,
When she says the "sheepskin" will permit me to win,
A kiss by the light of the moon.


Memories linger when college is past,
Girls that we dreamed of are Sig girls at last;
Visions come back when the world goes wrong,
We pledge our devotion on wings of a song.
Open your window, the music drifts in,
Dream girl of Sigma Chi,
No one more worthy than you wears the pin,
Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.
Your heart beats true for the gold and the blue,
Out Cross is our pledge of devotion to you, dear,
Voices are lifted to praise you tonight,
Girl of our serenade.

"Sweet May Thy Slumbers Be"

Fairest maid, sweet may thy slumbers be,
May this, our serenade, bring sweet dreams to thee;
Before thee, may visions bright be outspread,
While angels stand their guard around your bed.

May their wings furnish thy lullaby,
Soothing thy senses with music from on high;
May our Cross, shedding its soft golden light,
From round thy head so fair halos so bright.

Then when sleep, having been warn'd, takes flight,
May thou awake refreshed by thy peaceful night;
May thy days be but a waking dream,
And cares to thy dear eyes but pleasures seem.

"Sigma Chi Christmas"

In my dreams of college days I see
One scene that always comes back to me;
Thro' the window pane the falling snow
Is pure to me as the White Cross I know.

The Sig house is jolly, it's hung think with holly,
And brothers are fill'd with good cheer
Although it is snowing and chill winds are blowing,
A Sigma Chi song warms the ear.
Icicles forming, and feet that are warming
All show that the Holiday's near
When ale steins are flowing, and hearth sides are glowing,
A Sigma Chi Christmas is here.

"I'm Blue for the Blue and Gold"

White Cross blazoned in glory. Tho' we may be far apart.
You mem'ry leaves a sweet story I carry down deep in my heart.

For when the world treats me cold then I long for the fold
I'm blue for the blue and gold
I long for friendships I knew, and for hearts always true,
For I'm blue for the blue and gold.
Dear old fraternity, I will eternally close my bosom enfold
Those colors so dear to me, our emblem of loyatly,
I'm blue for the blue and gold.

Your motto ever far reaching. For "in hoc signo vinces"
Ever we'll bide by your teaching, as strengthened we enter life's race.


"Most Any Man"

Most any may make a Beta Theta Pi,
Most any man make a Phi U,
Most any man make a Phi Kappa Psi,
Those men we don't give a thought to.
Most any man makes an S. A. E.,
Those men we pass by;
It takes a good man, yes, a damn fine man
To make a jolly old Sigma Chi. Hey!

"My Name is Sigma Chi"

My name is Sigma Chi, sir, and I live across the green,
Our gang, it is the jolliest that you have ever seen;
Oh we drink our stein of lager and we smoke a big cigar,
Our yell, you hear it ringing thro' the country near and far.


Oh, who am I, sir, I'm a Sigma Chi,
Sigma Chi, sir, will be till I die. Hey!
We're up to snuff, we never bluff, we're game at any fuss,
No other gang in college dares to meet us in a muss;
So fill your lungs and sing it out and shout it to the sky,
The Blue and Gold forever, I'm a loyal Sigma Chi! Hey!
And when we prom the avenue, all lined up in a row,
Then arm in arm and step in time as down the street we go;
And no matter if a freshman green or in a senior's gown,
The people all admit we are the warmest gang in town.


We may not live forever on this jolly good old sphere,
But while we do we'll live a life of merriment and cheer;
And when our little day is done and night is drawing nigh,
With parting breath we'll sing the praise of good old Sigma Chi.


"Sigma Chi Was My First Love"

"Sigma Chi was my first love; it shall be my last."
These are words to remember, hold them true and fast.
I will keep our Founder's vow, when all else has passed.
For "Sigma Chi was my first love, and it shall be my last."
My Sigma Chi! My Sigma Chi!

"A Sig Toasting Song"

Come, take a cup, let trouble fly,
And all as one we'll raise it high
To sing a toast to Sigma Chi,
A toast to grand old Sigma Chi!
Come, take a cup and raise it high!
A toast to Sigma Chi,
The best of all fraternities,
In bonds of lasting fellowship,
We hold above all others
True Sigs, true friends, true Brothers.

"Three Crows"

There were three crows sat in a tree,
(Oh vive la Sigma, Sigma Chi!)
O'erlooking (name of school) Varsity,
(Oh, vive la Sigma, Sigma Chi!)
Said one of these crows unto his mate,
"A story to you I will now relate"
And they all flapp'd their wings and cried,
"Chi, Chi, Chi."
"My friends, it is quite clear to me,"
(Oh vive la Sigma, Sigma Chi!)
"There's but one Fraternity,"
(Oh vive la Sigma, Sigma Chi!)
"I need not mention the name of these Greeks,
For all you crows know of whom I do speak"
And they all flapp'd their wings and cried,
"Chi! Chi! Chi!"

"Marching Song of Sigma Chi"

It's onward Sigma Chi, together we go,
Bonded in loyalty, we find worthy company;
We march in Sigma Chi.
The White Cross before,
So hail to our comrades in frraternity.
To the men! Men of old! To the Blue, to the Gold,
To the name of Sigma Chi, and the memories we hold!

"March of the Sigs"

Our brothers true in days gone by, your spirit shall not die;
May the song we sing through ages ring in praise of Sigma Chi.
The Blue and Gold forever, we'll hold in our memory;
The thrill of the storm's in our marching feet,
Our song's like the boom of the sea.
We'll stand together, we're true and we'll always be;
And we pledge our hearts to Sigma Chi, our grand Fraternity.

"The Sig's Marching Song"

Hail to our lov'd Fraternity, the Blue and Gold shall forever be,
We're marching just as of old to the fore.
(We life our voices.)
Brothers, ours is the victory together, one in fidelity,
The White Cross marches as old to the fore,
Ours a bond 'cross land and sea, Brothers in Fraternity,
Light your candles, hold them high, light ascending to the sky.
So march on thru all eternity, the Blue and Gold shall forever be,
We're marching just as of old to the fore.

"Banquet Song"

'Tis the jolliest night in the whole college year. Vive la Sigma Chi!
The night for some rollicking, rousing good cheer. Vive la Sigma Chi!

Vive la, vive la, vive l'amour,
Vive la, vive la, vive l'amour;
Vive l'amour, vive l'avour, vive la Sigma Chi!

Away with the man that says aught of a book. Vive la Sigma Chi!
No learning is precious but that of a cook. Vive la Sigma Chi!


Together we've gone thro' each struggle and storm. Vive la Sigma Chi!
Our strength is in unity, loyal and warm. Vive la Sigma Chi!

"Alpha Alpha Serenade"

If you want to meet a girl that's pretty, pretty as the starts that shine;
Then come with me some evening and I'll show you that old girl of mine.
Oh she sleeps on a bed of roses, dreaming of the days gone by;
When she and I were sweethearts 'neath the Cross of Sigma Chi.

"Delta Lambda Chapter Song"

Here's to Delta Lambda and what it means to me,
The fellowship, the friends, the songs of our Fraternity;
We are honored brothers of dear old Sigma Chi,
Pledged to its ranks and standards high, until the day we die.

"Praise to Omega"

Praise to Omega, to Omega of old Sigma Chi.
If you're a member of our old A. C.,
It's the finest of fraternities.
So, here's to Omega, to Omega of old Sigma Chi.

"Queen of the Alpha Taus"

The Sigma Chis at Penn all have a sweetheart,
The Sigma Chis at Auburn have one, too;
And Sigs from Georgia Tech to California
Have crown'd a queen to wear the Gold and Blue.
But why do Sigs who come to Carolina
Acclaim a certain girl with their applause?

The girl of my dreams is the sweetest girl
And the sweetest is Alpha Tau's.
The stars would shine to be her shrine, this girl of Sigma Chi;
Her beauty lifts you higher than an anthem in the sky.
She holds a part of ev'ry heart of those she overawes;
To you, to me, her majesty, the queen of the Alpha Taus.

"Zeta Zeta Sweetheart"

This pin I wear I give to you, the emblem of a love that's true;
The Whtie Cross of the western skies, reflected in your lovely eyes.
So hold it fast while love doth last, and with it hold me too;
My Zeta, Zeta sweetheart, I love you.

"Raise a Song Forever"

Come a runnin', hear that hummin'? Ol' King Constantine's a strummin'
Harmonies of good old Sigma Chi
Maning pals a little dearer, happy hours a little nearer,
Days we cherish ever, you and I.
To our fraternity. Through all eternity.
For our song of wondrous love will never die
Hi! Hi! Here's to the gold and blue.
Emblem of love so true,
Raise a song forever to our glorious Sigma Chi.