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Sigma Chi's Grand Praetors have a history dating back to 1884, at which time there were six Praetors elected.

Presently, the Grand Praetors are composed of a body of 44 men who are the overseers of chapters within a specified geographical area referred to as a "Province." Although the word "praetor" is defined in Webster's as "an elected magistrate in ancient Rome ranking next below a consul, charged chiefly with the administration of civil justice," Sigma Chi's Grand Praetors' primary responsibility is to be a chapter's link with the General Fraternity in all undergraduate matters.

The Grand Praetors are listed in alphabetical order; their provinces, including both undergraduate and alumni chapters follow. (Information updated March 13, 1998. If any errors are found, please let me know via email .)

Complete listing of all Sigma Chi chapters with dates of installation and links to their home pages. Also listed by province are alumni chapters and links to those with web pages.

NOTE: To see chapters within a province, click the Province designation; to return, click the Praetor's name.