"The Mother of Sigma Chi"

(Sheet music cover below)

Songs have been written of college days,
There's the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi,
And the Fellowship Song tells of friendships true
And mem'ries that ne'er will die.
But here's a song to a dear old pal,
Good fellow and sweetheart of mine;
So here's a song to the best of all,
Inspirer of love divine, love divine.

Tho' the gold of her hair is touched with gray,
Her heart is bright gold, I know, I know;
The blue of her eyes is in her soul,
And burning with true blue glow.
Her deep faith in each lad is a lasting thing,
Like her love that will never die;
So here is a toast to the best pal we boast,
The mother of Sigma Chi, dear mother of Sigma Chi.
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