Everybody Going Greek . . : 1959-60
. . .Except the Cabs!
Fall, 1959

The fall semester was loaded with the usual events, the biggest ones being Homecoming and intramurals. And this fall semester was really special to the social clubs; almost all of them became affiliated with national organizations: the Philos became Zeta Tau Alpha, the CB's became Alpha Delta Pi, the Eclectics became Alpha Chi Omega on September 25, Anne Gibbs became Delta Zeta; the Ravens were already pledges of Kappa Alpha Order (on September 27) and the other three men's clubs---the Esquires, Caballeros, and Dons---were at various stages of national affiliation (10/10/59). For the fraternities, there was a formalized rush planned with a smoker to start it off. Each group was in charge of a particular aspect of the Interfraternal smoker which took place on Tuesday, September 29, in the SUB. "The purpose of the smoker is to acquaint prospective members of the men's social clubs with the different organizations and the fraternity system as practiced on this campus." The Ravens were in charge of publicity, the Esquires in charge of entertainment, the Dons in charge of refreshments, and the Caballeros supervised the decorations (9/26/59).

The Caballeros had a rush party on Thursday, October 8, at Country Campus. The theme for the party was "Heaven and Hades." "The room was divided into two parts: one side as Heaven and the other as Hades. Heaven was decorated with glittered stars and angel hair, while Hades featured pitch forks and moss. A fine mist covered the entire room." Refreshments include Angel food cake on one side of the room and devil's food cake on the other. The entertainment consisted of the Knights, a Caballero group made up of Mabry Dellinger, Madison Powell, Johnny Lyon, and Gus Nelson. The officers for the semester were introduced (10/3/59; 2/27/60).

Thirteen pledges were garnered from this successful rush party: Larry Schramme, Gus Nelson, Mike Myatt, Jerry Williams, Jim Goforth, Larry Eason, Randy James, Ken Makowski, Mike Hansen, James Ratterree, Terry Potter, David McFadyen, and Al Lopez (10/17/59). At initiation Freddie Garner was awarded the Darrell Ray Murray Best Pledge Plaque (Recall, Spring, 1959, 3).

So what was pledging like in the fall of 1959? In a letter to his mother written at 2:15 p.m. on October 28, Jim Ratterree revealed some of the activities of the pledges.

Last week, we had to spend an average of three to four hours a day over at the house. On Thursday night we had a "walk," in which we take a member out on a country road and leave him and make him walk back. When we got back (about two in the morning), we all had to stay up all night and catch some hell from him. First of all, we had to dig up a flower bed with knives and forks. This took about two hours. After that, we had to wash 15 cars. We got through with this about five in the morning. We then had to go home and put on our suits, backwards and go over to the house. We were then turned loose, we came home and changed clothes, and came back, changed, and had to go back and polish the floors in the house. I finally got to bed at 8 o'clock Friday morning. It was a lot of fun, though.

It's a very rare day that I get to bed before two o'clock at night. We have something to do at the house every cotton-picking night. Tonight the Cabs have a football game, and I have to have 10 dates for it. We had one last week, and I had 21 dates for it. We were only required to have five for the one last week, but once I got started, it seemed like it was so much fun getting that many girls that I couldn't stop.

As is traditional, the pledges were given a list of pledge rules and responsibilities.

  1. Keep living room and grounds clean.
  2. Study hours 6:00 to 8:30; Monday, 8:30 - 11:00 p.m.
  3. Car wash, 1-5 Tuesday.
  4. Answer phone all times "Caballero House, Pledge..."
  5. Shoe shine party 9:30 Wednesday.
  6. Carry black book at all times.
  7. Match box 30-35 matches.
  8. Pen or pencil at all times.
  9. Grades will be checked every two weeks.
  10. Pledges may have dates only when given permission. Dates are allowed on Saturday nights.
  11. Friday night at 12:00 p.m., pledge party.
  12. No parking in lot for pledges.
  13. No pledges in house before 7:00 a.m. or after 1:00 p.m.
  14. Meet with five members a week by appointment, up to 30 minutes.
  15. No physical harm to pledges.
  16. Book to be signed by pledges every day, from 7:00 a. to 6:00 p.m. Located in Mr. Schramme and Mr. Robinson's Room.
  17. Coat and tie to classes every Wednesday.
  18. Pledge pins worn until 5:00 p.m.
  19. Do no cut classes.
  20. Test over all sheets.

The pledges were also given a sheet of Caballero Songs. Along with learning the SHSTC Alma Mater were two others: "My Fraternity Pin" and "In the Evening." (The latter song is also a Sigma Chi song and instead of the words "Sigma Chi," the word "Caballero" is sung.) "My Fraternity Pin" was sung to the tune of the pledge song.

With this pin I place before you,
Goes a heart so true.
Oh my darling I adore you,
Say you love me too.

You're my jewel, a girl in school,
I always hoped to win.
Show them all you're mine by wearing
My Fraternity Pin.

Since the time that I first met you,
At the freshman dance,
I know I never would forget you,
Knew I'd found romance.

You're the one, the only one,
I ever hoped to win
Show them all you're mine by wearing,
My Fraternity Pin.

The university was in the process of converting all telephones to the dial system eliminating the awkward process of having to phone two different numbers, in some cases, to reach a particular party. Sam Houston was one of the few colleges which had a phone in every dormitory room; the phone system was called "the most complete of any state school in Texas when it was placed in service in September, 1958." The telephone system had more than 1450 phones (9/26/59).

The Caballeros and the Alpha Chi Omegas joined forces to build a Homecoming float which was entitled "Progress A' Plenty." It was a giant cornucopia with large Greek letters falling from its mouth; the Greek letters S and X were among those visible. The float won the Best All-Around trophy. During Homecoming week the Caballeros and the A Chi O's had their annual soap fight which added to the festivities of Bearkat Week (12/5/59).

When the alumni returned for the Homecoming weekend to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they were treated to the traditional activities of the open house, the game, and the after-game parties. At their banquet at the fraternity house, a Sigma Chi alumnus from Houston, spoke to them about the fraternity. Following, there was the alumni dance and get-together.

Late in October football intramurals began and the Cabs went at their opponents full force. In their first games they beat the Dons 8-6 and the Angels 14-0 (10/31/59). During the first two weeks in November the Cabs defeated all opponents and gained entrance into the championship game by beating the Dons again (11/4/59). On Monday, November 16, the championship game took place between perennial foes the Caballeros and the Esquires. Although the game ended in a 0-0 tie, the Cabs were declared champs because of a 5-4 first down margin (11/21/59).

At the end of the semester the Cabs planned the Moulin Rouge dance for February, where their Dream Girl would be presented, and Fight Night for April 12. Officers for the spring semester were elected.

President: Jon Gregg
1st Vice-President: Dan Womack
2nd Vice-President: Roy Hazelwood
Secretary: Ken Jordan
Treasurer: Billy Cummins
Historian: Richard Schwarz
Reporter: Randy James
Parliamentarian: Sam Park
Corresponding Secretary: Jim Ratterree
House & Grounds: Kirby Nash
Chaplain: Terry Potter
Social Secretary: Danny Robinson
Rush Chairman: Mike Myatt

Sponsor Dr. Douglas Harper

The Esquires were the first group to officially become affiliated; they became Delta Tau Delta on January 9, 1960. Seventy-two actives and alumni were installed as the Epsilon Zeta Chapter; it became the fourth Delt chapter in Texas, joining the University of Texas, Texas Christian University, and Texas Tech. They had a banquet at the Hotel Conroe which included speakers from the national office.

Following on their heels, The Dons were installed as Alpha Tau Omega on January 20. They also had ceremonies and a banquet at the Hotel Conroe and were installed by initiating teams from Lamar Tech and SMU. The installation of the Delts and ATO's perhaps prompted the Caballeros to forge ahead with their pursuit.

Sigma Chi Interviews
Spring, 1960

C. M. Hooper, Editor of The Houstonian, upon his mid-term graduation, wrote his final editorial about the growth of Sam Houston during the past decade, appealing to all students to keep the "small-college" qualities to our fast-growing college. (1/9/60)

Our college is not longer a small one. Enrollment here has surpassed many big-name colleges both in Texas and in the nation. Clubs are going, or have gone, national. Facilities at Sam Houston are comparable to, and in many cases superior to, colleges and universities that are definitely not "small."

This is good. Progress is ennobling. But in our growth let's not forget one aspect of being a small college. That one aspect is the friendly atmosphere which has prevailed at Sam Houston for so many years. Bigness often-times fosters coldness and impersonality.

Enrollment had increased 12%; as of February 8, the total was 3,804, an increase of 461 from the same time last year. The Houstonian reported that in the last five years the enrollment had increased from 2,322 in the fall of 1955 to 4,006 in the fall of 1959 (1/13/60).

At the close of the previous semester, it was reported that there would not be an eighth Pioneer Roundup in 1960. This was the decision of the member organizations. The College Farm site could not be used because of lighting, and although three other sites had been considered (Municipal Airport, Boy Scout Lodge, Fair Grounds) and the plans to construct permanent buildings was considered, the organizations involved were in the midst of national affiliation and could not spend the time necessary to put on a good show. Instead a Western Week was devised which would have some shows and be on a less grandiose manner. (1/9/60)

At a special meeting on January 13, new President Jon Gregg gave a talk on the importance of brotherhood on a fraternity. He noted that the previous initiation would have been much better with more organization. He said that he and Roy Long were going to Houston to find out the progress of the Cabs being affiliated with Sigma Chi. He told the assembly "that we need to realize the importance of Sigma Chi. We should strive to be nationalized next semester." He also commented on the use of alcohol, that it "should be used as enjoyment, not as a sedative to knock us out. We can drink and think at the same time." Cabs should be smartly dressed on campus: "Bluejeans should never be worn on campus unless all identification with the club is removed. This is stated directly in the Sigma Chi manual. Jon read and told us of the powers of `Daddy' Ricks."

Various members were going to visit other Sigma Chi chapters in Texas: Danny Robinson was going to the University of Texas and Charles Burge was going to Texas Tech. Dan Womack commented on the lack of respect being given to Mom Evans ("Minutes," 1/13/60).

At the February 14 meeting, Roy Hazelwood reported that Fight Night plans were progressing nicely with the help of Kirby Nash and Johnny Driskell. The IFC report, given by Richard Schwarz, included a combination rush party for all clubs scheduled for the end of the semester. He also reported that an athletic council would be established to create a separate division for fraternities. Several changes were made to the Constitution ("Minutes," 2/14/60).

The big rush party of the semester was a western hoedown held at Country Campus on Tuesday, February 16. Guests were transported to the location via the old-fashioned hayride. Music was provided by the Cyclones with extra entertainment by Mabry Dellinger. Faculty sponsors present were Hal Coley and John Burton. Mike Myatt was rush chairman and was assisted by Mike Hansen, Richard Schwarz, Randy James, and Billy Mills. Bartenders were Al Lopez and Paul Spiller. Seventeen men were pledged: Butch Phelps, Robert Bryant, Gary Nowels, Mabry Dellinger, Don Spell, Johnny Lyon, David Maxwell, Cliff Britt, Jan Gustafson, Carol McGuire, Gerald Roach, Freddy Howell, Tommy Ely, Johnny Toland, Richard Dyer, Johnny Wilson , and Dan Shelton (2/27/60). These men were initiated on April 25.

The Moulin Rouge dance was held on February 25 in the SUB ballroom. This year the French party had a western flavor provided by some of the entertainment with songs such as "Sugar Foot Rag" and "Take Me Back to Tulsa." The Johnny Lyons Combo furnished dance music. The general chairman of the affair was Roy Long, who was assisted in various areas by Gordon Goettee, Billy Mills, Richard Schwarz, Ken Jordan, Robert Simmons, Billy Williams, and Billy Cummins (2/20/60). At the dance the new Caballero Dream Girl, Janice Bedre, was named from fifteen women nominated (Alcalde, 1960).

On March 5, 1960, the Ravens officially became the 85th chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. There was a banquet scheduled at Belvin Hall at 7:30 p.m.. 28 men were initiated into Kappa Alpha Order by initiating teams from SMU and the University of Texas as well as national officers.

At the March 7 meeting, Jon Gregg read a letter from Ed Hill, a Sigma Chi in Houston, who stated that the investigating committee for Sigma Chi would come sometime this semester ("Minutes," 3/7/60).

The Caballeros sponsored a Playboy Party on March 26 from 7:30 to 1:00 am. They paid $225 building fee and $100 for a 6-piece band; the dress was semi-formal. Danny Robinson was chairman.

The Houstonian announced the winners of class favorite elections. The Caballeros had three of the five winners: Ken Jordan was junior Class favorite, Larry Schramme was sophomore favorite, and Butch Phelps was freshman favorite (2/27/60). Other individuals who were prominent on campus were Kirby Nash, president of the Business Administration Club (12/12/59); Richard Schwarz, president of the Interfraternity Council, and Kirby Nash, treasurer, along with representatives John McManners and Mike Hansen (2/27/60); Ken Jordan, who campaigned on the premise to limit spending on candidates' campaign, was elected Vice-President of the Student Council.

A special meeting on April 3 was called to announce that the Sigma Chi investigator would be there on April 25. (He would stay at the Baker Hotel.) After this was announced the pledges were excused from the meeting and the actives discussed them. A Pledge Council, made up of three actives, one from each year's pledge classes, was established to handle pledge problems. Danny Robinson suggested that the pledges be restricted from drinking except for special club functions or when accompanied by a member; motion passed ("Minutes," 4/3/60).

On April 12 Fight Night was held in the Men's Gym. Roy Hazelwood was chairman with Mike Hansen in charge of fighters' releases and the control committee made up of Charles Burge, Kirby Nash, and Billy Williams. Jim Ratterree was in charge of publicity. The fighters were fed at the Texan Cafe. The evening's headline bout was Charles Terry, World and National A.A.U. Middleweight Champion versus James Gilliam, regional middleweight champion from Dallas. There were ten bouts in which boxers from campus and from regional boxing clubs fought. The referee was a representative of the boxing association and the judges were the presidents of the ATO's, the Delts, and the KA's. A $40 sportsmanship trophy was presented and a door prize of a stereo was given. Cost was 90 cents general admission and $1.50 ringside (3/9/60).

At a regular meeting on May 5, Roy Hazelwood proposed that in order to be elected president a brother would only have to be active one semester. Ray Votaw moved the motion, but after lengthy discussion, it failed. Nominations for next semester's officers were made and the election ensued. ("Minutes," 5/2/60)

President: Lloyd FlyntHistorian: Freddy Howell
1st Vice-President: Ken JordanReporter: Robert Simmons
2nd Vice-President: Richard SchwarzChaplain: Madison Powell
Secretary: Jim RatterreeParliamentarian: Howard Webb
Treasurer: Johnny FrancisHouse & Grounds: Mike Hansen
Rush Chairmen: Mike MyattSocial Chairman: Charles Burge
IFC: Carol McGuireFile Clerk: Jan Gustafson
Corresponding Sec'y: Tom Ely

At the next regular meeting President Lloyd Flynt read a letter from Mr. Garrison, the Sigma Chi investigator. It was "very favorable" and stressed the mechanism involved to progress towards installation. A letter from William T. Bringham of Sigma Chi Headquarters was also read. The undergraduate investigator, Tony Courier from LSU, would be arriving on Friday.

Alpha Chi Omega was selected as the Cab's "sister club" for next year. The Pledge Council would consist of the same members as this year with all moving up and a new member from the last pledge class replacing the graduating brother. Gerald Roach was elected. The others were Al Lopez from the '59 pledge class and Jon Gregg from the '58 pledge class. However, a motion was passed, proposed by Sam Park, that if any member of this council missed more than three consecutive meetings he would be replaced. The brochure to be sent to Sigma Chi Headquarters was under the guidance of Lloyd Flynt and alumnus George Buckow with other alumni helping ("Minutes," 5/9/60).

At the last meeting of the school year a list of summer addresses prepared by Richard Stauffacher was distributed. Danny Robinson was named Homecoming Chairman for the fall. The summer rush party would be held in Galveston under the leadership of Gus Nelson and Al Lopez. The report by Tony Courier was favorable so the club could move vigorously ahead with Sigma Chi. The chapter agreed to accept Mrs. Killough's offer to furnish three meals a day for $35 a month for next year ("Minutes," 5/16/60).

1960 Alcalde Picture

Row 1: Nathan Boley, Charles Burge, Curtis Cooper, Larry Farmer

Row 2: Lloyd Flynt, Jack Follis, Johnny Francis, Freddie Garner, Wendell Gray Larry Green, Gordon Goettee

Row 3: Jim Goforth, Jimmy Gumm, Jim Hanscom, Mike Hansen, Roy Hazelwood, Randy James, Roy Long

Row 4: Al Lopez, Ken Makowski, Joe McCown, David McFadyen, John McManners, Bill Mills, Bedford Mitchell

Row 5: Mike Myatt, Kirby Nash, Gus Nelson, James Orr, Sam Park, Terry Potter, Madison Powell

Row 6: Jim Ratterree, Danny Robinson, Larry Schramme, Richard Schwarz, Robert Simmons, Lacy Spears, Paul Spiller

Row 7: Richard Stauffacher, James Thomas, David Trotti, Irwin Walters, Billy Williams, Jerry Williams, Jerry Woods