Growth: 1954-55
Fight Night Begins
Fall, 1954

The enrollment went over 2,000! Eight over! (10/9/54) It was the highest of the six tax-supported teachers colleges in Texas (SHA, Dec 54,3).

Sam Houston2,008Stephen F. Austin1,356
East Texas1,887West Texas1,300
Southwest Texas1,816Sul Ross772

In ROTC there were 304 new freshmen, 211 sophomores, 30 juniors, and 20 seniors. In several of the authoritative positions were Cabs: Battalion Commander was Bill Stroud; Dickie Cole was Cadet Captain, Bill Carlton was Cadet 1st Sergeant, and Bobby Conner was Cadet Sgt. 1st Class (10/2/54). Of the nineteen new members of the Lowman Rifles, six were Caballeros: Herb McElveen, Johnny Ragsdale, Dale Abshier, Charles Burge, and Parke Christenberry (10/16/54). The athletic office decided to split the intramural football teams into two leagues: the Cabs were in the National League with the Wesley Foundation and ROTC Companies A, D, G, and F; the others were in the American League

On Friday, September 24, the Cabs "entertained" 29 rushees at Sunset Lake (9/25/54). As a result the ten men pledged were Norman Anderson from Texas City, Hardy Browder from New Waverly, Richard Cronkwright from LaMarque, Benford "Lefty" Frizzell from Kennard, Bill Carlton from Groveton, Charles Burge from Alvin, Dorwin Hathorn from Apple Springs, Karl Deubner from Galveston, Joe Novak, and Terry Taylor (10/9/54). All but Novak and Taylor became members on November 5, 1954. (11/6/54)

There were a few changes in officers from those elected in May; George Buckow became Historian, George Rowland was Reporter, and Bobby Ellis was Parliamentarian. (9/25/54) The Cabs were preparing for intramurals, making plans for Homecoming festivities which included the float and a party for alumni, and working at the Prison Rodeo (10/9/54).

The Cabs received bad news in mid-October. Darrell Ray Murray, who had pledged last February, was killed when the car he was driving was hit by a pickup truck on Highway 190 about 10 miles east of Huntsville. The driver of the other vehicle left the scene of the accident, was later apprehended, arrested, and charged (10/23/54). Murray was a native of Huntsville and his companion, James Roy Webb, who also died from injuries received, was from Dodge (SHA, Dec 54).

On Wednesday, November 3, two representatives from each of the six men's organizations met in order to form a Men's Interclub Council. They decided to meet twice a month on Wednesdays at 6:30 in the Student Council Room. Three initial functions were agreed upon: (1) To draw up a calendar of events in order to avoid conflict; (2) To set aside a specific week for Rush Week; (3) To draw up a general constitution. The organizations represented at this meeting were from the Caballeros, Esquires, Ravens, Ramrods, T-Club, and the Veteran's Club. (11/6/54)

The Caballeros continued making names for themselves on campus: Dickie O'Brien, besides being a member of the Bearkat Baseball team and Head Cheerleader, was elected President of the Junior Class (9/25/54); Jimmy Inman, also a cheerleader, was elected to the SUB board (10/23/54); Hank Koym, who was vice-president of the Student Council, was elected to Who's Who, as was Bob Dalehite (11/13/54). The Cabs had planned a farewell party for Cotton Greenwell who was going off to student teach. In his place as president would be Hank Koym. Also in the future for the Cabs were a hayride to Sunset Lake (11/5/54) and a new idea for making money: something called Fight Night!

Dean W. T. Creager spoke to a meeting of the Pioneer Roundup Association to help solve some problems that had hampered the reputation of the annual event. There were four major problems: "drinking, construction for the affair, curfew, and screening of the acts before actual production." The rules coming from this meeting were that (1) drinking would be prohibited and a ten-dollar fine would be imposed on organizations for violation of this rule; (2) a ten-day construction limit which would not interfere with the track event; (3) curfew for construction was set at 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on Saturdays. Dean Creager also "criticized the boisterous manner in which the Raven Ball was held last year. . . To date there are no plans for a corresponding ball this year" (SHA, Feb 55, 5).

The First Fight Night notice appeared in the November 20, 1954, issue of the Houstonian. The date was set for December 15 and the article stated there would be boxing teams from Fort Worth and Houston. Two weeks after there appeared a picture of some of the fighters (12/4/54). The next week was a notice of Fight Night happening next Wednesday (12/11/54). There was a lengthy write-up in the Houstonian published just before Christmas break. The article pointed out that the only knockout of the night was by Caballero Hardy Browder: "Hardy Browder, Sam Houston 150-pounder, scored the only knockout of the night with a TKO over [his opponent] with 35 seconds gone in the first round" (12/18/54). This first Fight Night began the longest standing tradition in the history of the Caballero/Sigma Chi Fraternity.

After returning from Christmas, finals were facing everyone. The Cabs had a party to honor Van Hereford, a mid-term graduate (1/8/54) and the teams for Pioneer Roundup were named: the Cabs would join with the Modern Dance Club (1/15/54). An article about the upcoming Moulin Rouge Dance was published, naming George Buckow as chairman and Jerry Inman as decorations chairman. Officers for the Spring semester were elected: President Bob Dalehite, 1st Vice President Jerry Inman, 2nd Vice President George Buckow, Secretary Phil Womack, Treasurer Bill Carlton, Reporter Jim DeShong, Historian Karl Deubner, and Parliamentarian Hank Koym.

Getting Clout
Spring, 1955

On Wednesday, January 25, the Cabs had a rush party at State Lake. 22 rushees attended (2/5/55). There were ten men pledged: Dempsey Mewbourn from Grapeland, Bill Rowland from East Bernard, Larry Cory from El Campo, Charles Smith, Bobby Conner from Lufkin, Parke Christenberry from El Campo, William Ed Childers from Jasper, Clyde Starnes from Midway, Dickie O'Brien from Houston, and Herb McElveen from West Columbia (2/19/55).

Approximately 350 people attended the Moulin Rouge Dance on Saturday, January 29 (2/5/55). After the dance concluded the Caballeros decided to make it an annual affair. "It has been definitely decided that the Moulin Rouge dance will become an annual affair," stated Cab President Bob Dalehite. The continuance was given the final okay by Elliott T. Bowers, director of the SUB (2/12/55).

Individual members were busy with various activities. Hank Koym had returned from a trip from Chicago where he represented Sam Houston at the Collegiate Council of United Nations (1/8/55). ROTC announced promotions for the semester: Bill Stroud was promoted from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel and became Regimental Commander which made him first in seniority in the corps; Bill Carlton was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and made a Platoon leader; Larry Cory was made Sergeant (2/12/55).

Dan Rather returned to emcee the Eclectic College Capers as he had the previous two years (2/26/55). A Student Union Board Convention was to occur on March 15-16 and both Jimmy DeShong and Jimmy Inman would be in attendance (2/12/55). Jimmy Inman was runner-up for Coronation King, Dickie O'Brien was junior duke, and Frank Fontana was freshman duke (4/2/55). Jimmy Inman was re-elected cheerleader (4/23/55). Early in May the Cabs sponsored Jerry Jo Scarbrough in the annual Bathing Beauty Contest; she won first place! (5/7/55)

On February 1 the beards started to grow in anticipation of Pioneer Roundup. The Cabs were teamed with the Dancettes, the Modern Dance Club. Hank Koym was the Cab's candidate for Sheriff (2/26/55). The construction on the buildings began on March 21. The shows would be screened between March 23-28; the Cabs would be reviewed on March 28 (3/19/55). Their show's theme was "Hit Parade" and consisted of eight acts (4/2/55).

Pioneer Roundup was the biggest success ever, bringing in over $6,000. On the front page of the April 16 issue of the Houstonian was a picture of Bob Dalehite holding the first place trophy for the Cab's "Wooden Nickel" entry. Bill Byers was voted one of the top acts (4/16/55). Bobby Ellis won an award for "the scroungiest beard" (4/2/55). The Annual Dream Girl Dance was held on April 16 in the SUB ballroom. "A Night in New Orleans" was its theme and the cost was 50 cents (4/16/55). The Houstonians entertained the 225 in attendance. The floorshow had several singers and was highlighted by the CB's rendition of the Charleston. Betty Jo Treadway was named Dream Girl of 1955 (4/23/55).

In the final Houstonian for the semester appeared a picture of Caballero Clyde Starnes, who was considered Sam Houston's best long distance runner. He won first in the 880, the mile, and the two-mile runs (5/14/55).

In the 1955 Alcalde, the short write-up on the Caballero page pointed out the advancements the club had made (Alcalde, 1955).

The Caballeros Men's Social Club organized in 1949, has rapidly become one of the most active and energetic clubs at Sam Houston, The Caballeros sponsor a concession stand at the Prison Rodeo, a float in the Homecoming Parade, a Homecoming party for ex-members at the V.F.W. Hall, FIGHT NIGHT, the annual "Moulin Rouge" Dance, the "Wooden Nickel Saloon" of Pioneer Gulch, the "Dream Girls" Dance, a club banquet, a float in the Pioneer Round-Up Parade, and gives sizable donations to the various fund drives on the campus and around Huntsville. This year the "Wooden Nickel Saloon" was presented with a trophy for having the best show in the Roundup. In April, Miss Betty Jo Treadway was selected the Caballero Dream Girl for 1955 at the "Night in New Orleans" Dance. The Caballero contestant in the annual Bathing Revue, Miss Jerry Jo Scarbrough, was selected as "Miss Sam Houston" for 1955. The main purposes of the club are to support and serve the college, encourage fellowship, and enhance the social life of its members.

1955 Alcalde Picture

Row 1: Walter Gintz, Sponsor; Norman Anderson, George Buckow, Hardy Browder, Charlie Burge
Row 2: Billy Carlton, Jackie Carroll, Joe Cronin, Richard Cronkwright, Bob Dalehite
Row 3: Jim DeShong, Karl Deubner, "Lefty" Frizzell, Richard Greenwell, Dorwin Hathorn
Row 4: Van Hereford, Jimmy Inman, Hank Koym, George Rowland, Phil Womack