"Dream Girl of Sigma Chi"
The Pinning Song of Gamma Iota

Dream Girl of Gamma Iota Sheet

This sweetheart song was written in 1948, by Gene Quaw of Beta Phi Chapter; he was graduated from the University of Arizona is 1923. (According to the Sigma Chi Directory, Brother Quaw has passed away.) On the back of the sheet music is this short note: "'Dream Girl of Sigma Chi' was written for Gamma Iota Chapter [Louisiana State University] and dedicated to the Chapter's Sweetheart, Miss Sammie Nell Eldred at the annual Sweetheart Ball, May 1, 1948. Miss Eldred, whose picture is on the cover, is one of the six finalists for the National Sweetheart of Sigma Chi." Brother Quaw also wrote two other Sigma Chi songs: "The Rose of Sigma Chi" and "Sigma Chi Was My First Love."

Although the copy shown here is black and white, the only color on the cover is a light blue (words, images, photo) on a background of white.

Here are the words:

Dream girl of my fraternity, my own Sigma Chi,
Dream girl thru all the years to be, my love will not die.
You have charm and fascination, lovely to see.
Always to me, you'll be my inspiration.
Dream girl of my fraternity, on angel divine,
Dream girl thru all eternity, your heart is my shrine.
Wear this White Cross always for the love 'twill impart.
Oh, Dream girl of my fraternity, this Cross is my heart.

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