Kandi Tayebi
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor of English

B.A., M.A.(University of Northern Colorado),
Ph.D. (University of Denver)


PHONE: 936-294-1971
E-MAIL: eng_kat@shsu.edu


Welcome to my homepage.  I am a professor of English at  Sam Houston State University.  My research interests include women writers of the Romantic period, feminist and psychological criticism, ecological writings and theory, and at-risk students.  Currently, I am Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies.  I am currently working on research regarding graduate student recruitment and retention.
Scholarly Accomplishments

Teaching Philosophy
         English 579
         English 460
         English 275

"My ears began to open to the charm
Of words in tuneful order, found them sweet
For their own sakes, a passion and a power:
And phrases pleas'd me, chosen for delight,
For pomp, or love."  William Wordsworth

Romanticism is my area of concentration.  Follow these links to other sights related to Romanticism.

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"An early worshipper at Nature's shrine,
I loved her rudest scenes--warrens, and heaths,
And yellow commons, and birch-shaded hollows,
And hedge rows, bordering unfrequented lanes . . ."  Charlotte Smith

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