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Summer 2014 Update: we will have the videos corrected during the summer, however, the process by which you will create, attach and submit Artifacts has changed!



Assignments and Activities that will be submitted to Tk20 specific to this course:


Assignment: Complete the Field Experience Profile

The Field Experience Profile assignment is a little different than most other Tk20 assignments in that although you create an Artifact, you do not formally submit it for assessment.  The Artifact type you create is "Field Experience Profile."  This Artifact has a form that you will fill out that includes details about where you did your field experience and what you saw while you were there. 

If you only did Field Experience at one school for a course, then you only need to create one Artifact (example: SPED 2301, you did all 10 hours at Armstrong Elementary).  If you completed your Field Experience at more than one school (example: SPED 2301, you did 5 hours at Armstrong Elementary and 7 hours at Stewart Elementary) you will complete one Artifact for each school for each course.  In the previous example, you would create 2 artifacts.

If you return to the same school you were at previously for another course, then create a new Artifact for this Field Experience (example: in Spring semester you visited Armstrong Elementary and then in the Fall you went back for a different course = 2 Artifacts).

If your professor requires you upload an AEIS report or other documents, attach these on the Documents subtab before you Save.

Here is a pdf that shows how you might complete the Artifact.

Remember to Save your Artifact, but to reiterate: you do not formally submit it for assessment.

* * * *

Assignment: Emerging Level 2A Dispostions and Diversity Proficiency (DDP) - See below.

Theis assignment requires you to create one or more electronic documents such as MS Word, Excel or other type of electronic file, upload it to Tk20, and submit the assignment for assessment.  You will use the "Generic..." Artifact type in Tk20.

These four videos demonstrate how to do this.

Video 1     Video 2     Video 3     Video 4

Student Instructions for Emerging Level 2A

Listed below are the five Diversity and Dispositions Proficiencies (DDPs) that are expected of candidates training to be teachers at the Emerging Competency (2A) level. You should provide evidence of your progress on all five DDPs by submitting a lesson plan addressing as many of these six DDPs as are applicable to that lesson. In addition, you must submit a written reflection, containing a minimum of 200 words, in which you address all six DDPs. Your instructor will measure your progress towards competency based upon observations of your performance in class, the lesson plan and your reflection. You should review any feedback you received at the Novice level on the DDP assessment to make sure your current reflection addresses any concerns about your earlier performance.

  • Demonstrates an attitude of reflection and thoughtfulness about professional growth and instruction.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to using technology to create and authentic learning environment that promotes problem-solving and decision making for diverse learners.
  • Practices ethical behavior and intellectual honesty.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to literacy, inquiry, and reflection.
  • Demonstrates thoughtfulness in communication and an awareness and appreciation of varying voices.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of second language acquisition and a commitment to adapting instruction or programs to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse learners

More information can be found here: http://www.shsu.edu/~coeugp/DispositionsandDiversityProficiencies.html 

* * * *

Always check with your instructor for due dates, specific content instructions (ex: what topics need to be discussed in the attached paper) and other instructional information.

If you see your course listed when you click on the Courses tab in Tk20, but the assignment/activity "pending" flag does not appear next to it, then either the assignment has not been sent for this course section in the semester (check with your instructor) or you have already submitted it.  This is a common student error and easily corrected.

If you need to recall an assignment, make corrections and resubmit it before it is graded, please click here for instructions.

You may also use the Contact link at the top to email or talk to the SHSU Tk20 Support Team for assistance.


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Last Update: June 30, 2010

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