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Assignments and Activities that will be submitted to Tk20 specific to this course:

Assignment: Emerging Competency Dispositions

This assignment requires you to create a specific type of Tk20 Artifact: "Emerging Competency Teacher Disposition Summary Chart - Student Form" - this chart must be filled out completely including supporting evidence before it can be saved. 

Students are strongly encouraged to view and if needed, print the dispositions artifact or make an electronic copy of it prior to filling it out.  The reason for this is the "evidence" boxes and the 30 minute Tk20 timeout: students are required to write a short (1-2 paragraph) reflection that serves to detail why they answered some of the radio buttons the way they did.  Tk20 will timeout after 30 minutes of "nonuse" but this includes spending time on the artifact and writing the reflection.  For this reason, students are advised to write the 12 reflections (evidence) before beginning the artifact so that they may simply copy and paste in their paragraphs, thus completing the artifact in only a few minutes.  The videos explain this also.

The following 4 videos describe how to do this.  Note that these are generic videos – the form you fill out may be different than the one demonstrated.

Video 1     Video 2     Video 3     Video 4

* * * *

Always check with your instructor for due dates, specific content instructions (ex: what topics need to be discussed in the attached paper) and other instructional information.

If you see your course listed when you click on the Courses tab in Tk20, but the assignment/activity "pending" flag does not appear next to it, then either the assignment has not been sent for this course section in the semester (check with your instructor) or you have already submitted it.  This is a common student error and easily corrected.

If you need to recall an assignment, make corrections and resubmit it before it is graded, please click here for instructions.

You may also use the Contact link at the top to email or talk to the SHSU Tk20 Support Team for assistance.


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Last Update: June 30, 2010

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