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Summer 2014 Update: we will have the videos corrected during the summer, however, the process by which you will create, attach and submit Artifacts has changed!



Assignments and Activities that will be submitted to Tk20 specific to this course:

Assignment: Principal Portfolio

This assignment has 5 major parts.  You will create 5 Artifacts for this assignment of type "Principal Portfolio... ."  Into each Tk20 Artifact you will upload a document that contains the needed supporting work so you can recieve full marks for the portfolio.

Video 1     Video 2     Video 3   

* * * *

Assignment: Dispositions and Diversity Proficiencies Assignment

The Dispositions and Diversity Proficiencies Assignment requires that you create one or more “Advanced Dispositions and Diversity Proficiencies…” type Artifacts where you will document your field experiences with regards to interacting with diverse populations and demonstrating your dispositions.  Also, you will write a short essay/reflection that provides the evidence supporting the diversity and dispositions answer you gave.

Video 1     Video 2     Video 3     Video 4

* * * *

Assignment: Internship Performance Survey

This is an unusual assignment in Tk20.  6362 Students are strongly encouraged to read this carefully!


To complete this assignment:



1) SHSU EDAD 6362 Faculty will send the survey form to candidates either in electronic or hard copy.

2) Candidates (EDAD 6362 students) will deliver a hard copy to supervisor (campus principal).

3) Campus principal fills out hard copy and returns it to the candidate.   The candidate should
a) scan the survey and save as a jpg or other common image file
b) fax or mail the survey to their professor at SHSU.


In Tk20:
Task 1: Create the artifact-Click the artifacts tab
-Click the Create button in the left-hand menu
-Select "Generic..." from the drop-down
-Name the artifact "EDAD 6362 Survey" (and add the semester)
-Click the Documents sub-tab
-Click the Add New button
-Browse for your scanned survey document on your computer
-Click Upload (will open a small upload window)
-Wait for the progress to hit 100% and wait for the Window to close itself
-Save the artifact
Task 2: Submit the artifact
-Click the Courses tab
-Click EDAD 6362 from the list
-Click the Activities subtab
-Click the survey assignment
-Click the Attach Artifact tab  <--- critical step!
-"Click here to attach"
-Select the artifact you just created
-Click Continue, Ok
-Click the Submit button at the bottom

These four videos demonstrate how to do this.

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4

If you have questions about the content of this assignment, contact your instructor.

If you have questions about the form or content, please contact your instructor.  If you have difficulty with Tk20, please contact tk20@shsu.edu.



* * * *

Always check with your instructor for due dates, specific content instructions (ex: what topics need to be discussed in the attached paper) and other instructional information.

If you see your course listed when you click on the Courses tab in Tk20, but the assignment/activity "pending" flag does not appear next to it, then either the assignment has not been sent for this course section in the semester (check with your instructor) or you have already submitted it.  This is a common student error and easily corrected.

If you need to recall an assignment, make corrections and resubmit it before it is graded, please click here for instructions.

You may also use the Contact link at the top to email or talk to the SHSU Tk20 Support Team for assistance.


Free software downloads for some content on this site:


Last Update: June 30, 2010

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