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Office of Field Experience

Level One Field Experience

Level I field experiences provide SHSU teacher candidates with an introduction to the public school environment from the standpoint of a future educator. Professional expectations, focused observations, and thoughtful reflections are emphasized in these initial experiences. Teacher candidates are required to complete and document ten (10) hours of public school field experience while enrolled in the following courses:

Role of the Field Experience Student:

The teaching candidates in Level I Field Experience are to engage in passive observation while completing field experience on campuses.  The candidates will not interfere with the students, teacher, or others during their visit, and will not interrupt or participate in the regular operations of the classroom or school. Typically these candidates will have assignments and reflections given to them by their instructors to complete during each hour of field experience.


Students are responsible for completing ten (10) field experience hours related to the above courses, and should expect to travel to the experiences in select public school classrooms in our partnership. Students should take time and travel into consideration when enrolling in these courses, particularly when taken during the shorter summer sessions.   

State guideline- the State Board of Education Rules for Teacher Education (1987 standards) states:

A planned sequence of not fewer than 45 clock hours in field experience shall be a prerequisite for admission to student teaching. Pre-student teaching field experiences shall include observing and working with children or youth in a school or school accredited by the Central Education Agency. At least one-half of the pre-student teaching experiences shall include observation and experiences at a level for which a student teaching assignment is anticipated".

Diversity of Field Experiences:

Student's field experiences should include a variety of characteristics and school districts. Specifically, to prepare students for teaching in Texas classrooms, field experiences should include learning and working in both rural and suburban school districts on culturally diverse campuses that have significant numbers of economically disadvantaged students. Individual student Field Experience Profiles will be maintained, and the diversity of a student's field experiences may affect an individual's student teaching placement options. Students should carefully consider this when researching and selecting campuses for their Level I Field Experiences. Information on individual school districts and campuses is located in the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) Reports, which can be found on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, you may email Darline Garrett , our Graduate Assistant.


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