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Office of Field Experience

Supervisors and Mentor Teachers

University Supervisors

You will be assigned and will be working with a University Supervisor who will assess and evaluate your ability to plan and conduct your lesson plans. Supervisors are retired teachers, principals, and administrators as well as University faculty members. Use their experience as a tool to help you through an interesting and educational opportunity. Your University Supervisor will act as a Sam Houston representative/liaison on your behalf. Direct any problems and/or questions through your supervisor before anyone else. For instance, if you...

  • will not be in class due to illness, you must notify your supervisor as well as the school.
  • suspect you have a personality conflict with your Classroom Mentor Teacher, discuss the situation immediately with your supervisor and develop possible solutions. The Office of Field Experience and the District Placement Officer will be advised when appropriate.

Classroom Mentor Teachers

Your Classroom Mentor Teacher is one of your greatest assets during this experience because you are in an daily one-on-one partnership with an experienced teacher.  At the very beginning of each six-week placement you will spend a significant amount of time observing and working with your mentor teacher.  This will change rapidly as you take on more and more of the responsibilities and eventually assume the role of the teacher.  By the end of each placement you will be conducting all of the planning, teaching, and classroom management.  Keep in mind that your classroom mentor teacher is always evaluating you and will submit a record of their observations and evaluations to your University Supervisor.


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