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Level 1 Field Experience Questionnaire

Directions for Level 1 Field Experience Questionnaire

How to load “SamMenu” (the SHSU Administrative Menu):

1.           Go to http://www.shsu.edu/faculty/menu.html
2.            Scroll down to “Installation Instructions (Off-Campus Users only)”
3.            Select the correct “Menu Set-up” for your browser (Explorer or Netscape)
4.           Follow prompts to Download (make sure that you save it to Desktop)



If the icon appears on the desktop but does not open, the problem is most likely a firewall.   Your campus/district Computer Services Department will need the following information to allow you to access the program. The specific port that needs to be opened is port 5000, and the I.P. address is   If the program works initially but then “unexpectedly” stops working, port 5000 has probably been closed and the campus should contact their Computer Services Department to have it reopened.

Directions to Add Campuses:

  1. Click on the SHSU icon located on your desktop
  2. Type in SAMINFO for both User Name and Password
  3. In the left hand column select “Miscellaneous”
  4. In the right hand column select the + sign beside “GUI Programs”
  5. A list of programs should appear
  7. At the top of the screen select the correct semester/year (i.e. FALL 2008-SPRING 2009)
  8. Enter the 9 digit Texas School Code and Password assigned to your campus
  9. A screen will appear with information about Level One Field Experience courses
  10. On the next screen, fill in the appropriate data for the campus
  11. On the next screen, enter the class day start and finish times.  Times should be entered to reflect the individual campus.  Click OKif a message appears while continuing to this page stating “Please contact the Office of Field Experience to update the school records.” Contact Cheryl Barker so that the particular campus’s records may be updated.
  12. Select the one course desired to be accommodated at the campus. There is a box on the left part of the screen with a SHSU recommendation. If no courses are listed, please contact the Office of Field Experience and the campus profile will be updated.
  13. Select “Field Experience Date Screen” also located in the center of the page. The dates will appear with check marks for your convenience.  Be sure to uncheck the dates that the campus will not be able to participate (holidays, teacher development days, testing days, etc.)
  14. Always select “Save Current School” before exiting the program to ensure that all the information is saved.

How to access Level 1 Field Experience Observation Schedule: 

1.   Click on the SHSU icon located on your desktop
2.   A screen will appear that will ask for user name and password
3.   Type in SAMINFO for both user name and password
4.   A split screen will appear
5.   In the left hand column select “Miscellaneous”
6.   In the right hand column select the + sign beside “GUI Programs”
7.   A list of programs should appear under “GUI Programs”
9.   A screen should appear asking for 9-digit school code and password.
10.  Choose the dates you want to view and the type of report (if you leave the "Ending Date" blank you will get the schedule for the entire semester)
11.  You have two reports to choose from.   “Report all dates” shows all dates available for students to observe at your school.   This report could be useful in double checking dates and times approved for students to observe.   “Report scheduled dates” shows dates and times that students have selected.   You will want to run this report after students have registered for observation.
12.   The selected report should appear on your screen.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact Cheryl Barker at the Office of Field Experience at 936-294-1157, or by email at stdcac33@shsu.edu Thank you.

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