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A Message from Dr.Lunenburg....
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the son of immigrants from Rotterdam, Holland. At the age of two, moved to New York City and later to New Jersey, where I  completed elementary and secondary schooling.

Post-secondary education at Wagner College (NY), Seton Hall University (NJ), TheUniversity of Ottawa (Ont.), and the University of Minnesota. Trained as a high school English teacher and public school and higher education administrator. For 12 years, served public schools as an English teacher, assistant principal,   principal, and superintendent of schools in New Jersey, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.


He began to teach in the Graduate School of Education at Loyola University   Chicago and later at the University of Louisville and Southern Utah University, where he served as professor and dean of the College of Education. His teaching   specialties include organizational theory, the principalship, and school law.


His principal lines of research have been in the areas of organizational culture/climate, socio-psychological theory of organizations, school improvement, and social justice.

His research has been described in several books and a number of key research  articles. He lectures publicly on such topics as education; organizational theory; and exercise, nutrition, and the brain. Engagements generally have to be scheduled a year in  advance.