Fred C. Lunenburg, Ph.D.


Dr. Fred C. Lunenburg is the Merchant Professor of Education at Sam Houston State University. He has taught at the University of Louisville, Loyola University Chicago, and Southern Utah University, where he also served as Dean of the College of Education. In addition, he has served as a high school English teacher, principal, and superintendent of schools. He has authored or co-authored 38 books, 15 book chapters, and more than 200 journal articles. His best known books include: Educational Administration: Concepts and Practices, Creating a Culture for High-Performing Schools, Writing a Successful Thesis or Dissertation, The Principalship:Vision to Action, Shaping the Future: Policy, Partnerships, and Emerging Perspectives, The Changing World of School Administration, and High Expectations: An Action Plan for Implementing Goals 2000.

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