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Representative Form (Practice Test) Feedback Information


SHSU acquires selected Texas Education Agency "Representative Forms" (as developed by Educational Testing Services) for "Practice Test" to administer to candidates.   

Overall feedback on the SHSU Representative Form (Practice Test) will be in the format of “number of correct answers/total items” (i.e. 70/80). Percentage of correct answers can be determined by dividing the number of correct answers by the number of total items (70 divided by 80 = 88%).  SHSU cannot provide “pass/fail” information, as the Representative Form developers have not determined a “passing score” benchmark (see related information below). 


The following select information related to the TExES Representative Form (developed by Educational Testing Services for the Texas Education Agency) is quoted from the Administration Manual of the TExES Representative Form

SCORING.  Please note that the overall level of difficulty of the Representative Form may differ from that of a given operational form.  Your application can determine the percentage of correct responses for the entire form, for each domain, and for each competency.

INTERPRETING REPRESENTATIVE FORM RESULTS.  By determining the percentage for each competency and/or domain that the examinee answered correctly, you can provide specific feedback to each examinee about the examinee’s performance on items related to each competency.

Representative Form results should be used ONLY to assess the strengths and needs of candidates in relation to the TExES test framework (domains and competencies). RESULTS ON A REPRESENTATIVE FORM SHOULD NOT BE USED TO PREDICT ACTUAL TExES TEST PERFORMANCE.  Results on the Representative Form are not directly comparable to results on the actual test.

ETS Test Frameworks For Domain and Competency Information


Access the ETS TExES website for related information about the official TExES certification test.




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