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Why can I not register for the classes I was advised to take?

Many times, you will be blocked due to the lack of prerequisites. This may be due to your current classification or a specific class.  BESL 2301 and CIEE 2333 require that you be classified a s a sophomore, meaning you have completed 30 or more hours at the onset of registration.  Likewise, CIEE 3374 and CIEE 3385 require that you be classified as a junior, meaning you have completed 60 or more hours at the onset of registration. ECHE 3243 requires that you have completed ECHE 2313 and 2315, if it applies to your program. If you are in the process of meeting these prerequisites, but have not met them when registration opens, you will have to wait for your grades to post to your transcript before you can register for those courses.

When I go to register, it says I need departmental approval.  Who do I need to call?

For CIEE and CISE courses, you will need to contact Susan Hayes at 936-294-1146 in Curriculum and Instruction. For BESL, SPED, ECHE, and READ courses, please contact Randi Clower at 936-294-1108 in Language Literacy and Special Populations.

Why do I have to take a developmental math course when I was exempt due to TAKS, ACT, or SAT scores?

The mathematics department requires additional prerequisite score requirements to enroll in college level math courses. While TSI exempt, each student is required to either have an ACT math score of 23 or higher, a SAT math score of 560, an Accuplacer score of 109, a Compass score of 76, or an Asset score of 53.

Can I take summer classes at a community college?

Students can take courses at a community college.  However, check with your advisor to make sure you have not met the 66 hour transfer limit.  Also, always check the transfer equivalency guide to ensure that you are taking courses you need. 

If you have other questions not listed on this page, please email us at edu_edprep@shsu.edu .

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