U.S. State-Level Income Inequality Data - Mark W. Frank

 My current research offers a comprehensive panel of annual state-level income inequality measures that I have constructed from individual tax filing data available from the Internal Revenue Service.


Download Data yearly measures for each state, 1917-2012:

(1)  Top 10% and 1% Income Share Measures

a.    Top 10% and Top 1% - adjusted for compatibility with Piketty and Saez, WTID

                                          i.    Excel File (.xls)

                                         ii.    Stata File (.dta)

b.    Original Data (unadjusted) - includes the threshold values for the Top 10% and Top 1%

                                          i.    Excel File (.xls)

                                         ii.    Stata File (.dta)

(2)  Six Measures of Income Inequality (Atkinson Index, Gini Coefficient, Relative Mean Deviation, Theil Index, Top 10%, and Top 1%)

a.    Excel File (.xls)

b.    Stata File (.dta)

For an explanation of the construction of these measures see the note for WTID: PDF.

Also, see:

Frank, Mark. W. 2009 "Inequality and Growth in the United States: Evidence from a New State-Level Panel of Income Inequality Measure" Economic Inquiry, Volume 47, Issue 1, Pages 55-68: Web Link. PDF.

Original data used in the Economic Inquiry article:

Top 10% Share of Income, 1945-2004

Stata 9 Format (.dta)

Comma Separated File (.csv)

Human Capital Attainment, 1945-2004 (see below for an update on this data)

State 9 Format (.dta)

Comma Separated File (.csv)

Estimator used in the Economic Inquiry article:

Blackburne, Edward F. and Mark W. Frank 2007. "Estimation of Nonstationary Heterogeneous Panels." The Stata Journal, vol. 7, no. 2, pages 197-208: PDF


Also see:

Frank, Mark. W. 2014 "A New State-Level Panel of Annual Inequality Measures over the Period 1916 - 2005" Journal of Business Strategies, vol. 31, no. 1, pages 241-263: PDF

Frank, Mark. W. 2009 "Income Inequality, Human Capital, and Income Growth: Evidence from a State-Level VAR Analysis." Atlantic Economic Journal, vol. 37, no. 2, pages 173-185: PDF.


Next update expected (2013 data): Summer 2015.






Videos - Evolution of the Top Income Shares by State


The above are short videos I put together showing the state-level evolution in the top income shares over the past century. They play via YouTube.





Annual State-Level Measures of High School Attainment and College Attainment:

This data is updated from Frank (2009) to cover the period 1945-2010.

State 9 Format (.dta)

Comma Separated File (.csv)



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