Don and Cheryl married December 17, 1994.   The extended family has two daughters, two sons, and eight grandchildren.    Don and I took a great trip to Morocco to teach and tour for the month of May, 1997.

being serenaded at Mi Tierra in San Antonio
Don and Cheryl at Mi Tierra in San Antonio

Opal, Don, Cheryl and Cheryl Krieger
Opal, Don, Cheryl B. and Cheryl K.

Martin family cousin reunion spring 2001
Lynn, Glenn, Ralph, Bo, Sam, GW, Cheryl
Pat, Alta, Cheryl K., Janelle, Joyce
LaVerne, Jessie, Opal, Nelda, Don
Jane and Vickie

Opal, Jessie Mae, and Cheryl
Jessie Mae
Opal and Cheryl

Don soaking up the San Antonio sun
Don looks too serious to be in San Antonio


Santa Fe--city for romance
Don and Cheryl in Santa Fe at one of our favorite restaurants

Don's Mother--Opal Bumpass

 Don's daughter Amy and family

Cheryl's brother Ray

Cheryl's Mom--Ovell Krell

Don's daughter Megan

Don's sister--Cheryl and family

Cheryl's son Bob 

Cheryl's sister Debbie

Cheryl's Mom--Ovell 

Cheryl's son Bill 

Moegle Retirement and Reunion in Lubbock
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