Sam Houston State University

Thompson Research Group
Sam Houston State University Research Focus: Surface Enhanced Sensors

Summer 2011 Group, from left to right: Asish Parbatani, Nathan Baker, Emily Totman, Thomas Miller, Antonio Carillo

Current Group Members:

Masters: Deepthi De Silva SERS CN detection
  Asish Parbatani SERS ATCA detection
Undergraduates: Nathan Baker Sensor Characterization - Automation
  Kevin Eilers SERS & GC MS control experiments
  Lacey Ivie Sphere Mask Deposition & Characterization
  Oris Sanchez Data and Image Analysis - Matlab
  Emily Totman Sensor Selectivity - Mesoporous Films
High School (ACS Project Seed) Antonio Carrillo Sphere Mask Deposition & Characterization

Recent Group Members:

Undergraduates: Thomas Miller Sensor Characterization & Imaging