Computing and Information Science (CIS)

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Courses and Registration

List below contains all core and elective courses. Students should give higher priority to core courses during registration. A CIS master student must complete 36 credits in total towards master degree. Note that all core courses are required to complete. COSC 6347 is the final master project advised under a student's project supervisor.

Core Courses:

COSC 5318 (CS 566) Database Systems (CIS) (Fall)
COSC 6318 (CS 564) Language and Compiler Design (CIS) (Fall)
COSC 5319 (CS 574) Algorithm Design and Analysis (CIS) (Spring)
COSC 5327 (CS 531) Operating Systems (CIS) (Spring)
COSC 6319 (CS 536) Software Engineering (CIS) (Spring)

COSC 6347 (CS 561) Project (CIS) (Fall, Spring, Summer)
COSC 6348 (CS 562) Thesis (CIS) (Spring)
COSC 6049 (CS 563) Thesis (CIS) (Spring)

Elective Courses:

COSC 5310 (CS 568) Cryptography and Steganography (CIS/DFS/IAS) (Summer)
COSC 5313 (CS 572) Artificial Intelligence (CIS) (Summer)
COSC 5321 (CS 532) Parallel Computing (CIS) (Fall)
COSC 5322 (CS 533) Real-Time and Embedded Systems (CIS) (Spring)
COSC 5325 (CS 534) Operating System Security (CIS/DFS/IAS) (Spring)
COSC 5326 (CS 563) Networks and Data Communications (CIS) (Fall)
COSC 5335 (CS 537) Database Security (CIS/DFS/IAS) (Fall)
COSC 5340 (CS 560) Special Topics (CIS) (Fall, Summer)
COSC 6312 Multimedia Forensics (CIS/DFS/IAS) (Fall)
COSC 6313 (CS 573) Neural Networks (CIS) (Fall)
COSC 6314 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (CIS) (Spring)
DFSC 5315 Network and Cyber Security (CIS/DFS/IAS) (Spring)
other COSC 5000 or 6000 level courses with approval by Graduate Advisor

Currently not available or to be moved:
COSC 5320 (CS 562) Computer Architecture and Organization (CIS)
COSC 5332 Computer Graphics (CIS)
COSC 6315 Machine Learning (CIS)
COSC 6321 Numerical Analysis (CIS)

Admission Requirements: