Memory Management Chapter 7
CS 431 -- Operating Systems
Dr. Tim McGuire
Sam Houston State University
Memory Management Memory Management Requirements Simple Memory Management Fixed Partitioning  (Figure 7.2) Placement Algorithm with Partitions Dynamic Partitioning Dynamic Partitioning: an example (Figure 7.4) Placement Algorithm (Figure 7.5) Placement Algorithm: comments Replacement Algorithm Buddy System Example of Buddy System
Figure 7.6
Buddy Systems: remarks Relocation Address Types Address Translation Simple example of hardware translation of addresses Example Hardware for Address Translation
Figure 7.8

Simple Paging

Example of process loading (Figure 7.9) Page Tables (Figure 7.10) Logical address used in paging Logical address in paging (Figure 7.11) Logical-to-Physical Address Translation in Paging
(Figure 7.12a)

Simple Segmentation

Logical address used in segmentation Logical-to-Physical Address Translation in segmentation
(Figure 7.12b)

Simple segmentation and paging comparison