Computer System Overview Chapter 2
CS 431 -- Operating Systems
Sam Houston State University
Dr. Tim McGuire
Introduction Definition of the Day... Basic Components I/O Module Structure CPU Registers (fast memory on cpu) Examples of Control & Status Registers Top-level Components (Registers) Computer Components:
top-level view

Processor Registers

User-Visible Registers User-Visible Registers User-Visible Registers The Basic Instruction Cycle Interrupts Instruction Cycle with Interrupts! Interrupt Handler Simple Interrupt Processing

Classes of Interrupts

Multiple interrupts: sequential order Multiple Interrupts: priorities Multiprogramming Memory Hierarchy

Going Down the Hierarchy

Disk Cache Cache Memory Cache Memory Cache Design Cache Design Cache Design I/O communication techniques Programmed I/O Interrupt-Driven I/O Interrupt-Driven I/O

Direct Memory Access

Direct Memory Access

The Cache Hit Ratio

Locality of reference