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Rising Stars


The College of Education Graduate Programs initiated the Rising Stars Program in 2009.  This program assists all tenure-track assistant professors in their journey toward tenure.  Each assistant professor is assigned a mentor based on either scholarly interest in a topic or research methodology. In order to accomplish the matching of the mentor, each faculty member in the COE submitted his/her research interests and endeavors. 

Each Rising Star will receive special, targeted professional development related to research and publishing, a COE mentor for research, and a certificate of participation.
There are four scheduled professional development sessions. The first session will be a luncheon for getting acquainted. The remaining sessions will consist of (a) learning from successful faculty members from other Texas universities about their tenure journey, (b) conversing with journal editors, and (c) developing an action plan for scholarship with the mentor.

A list of the current Rising Stars and Mentors are listed below.

2011-2012 COE Rising Stars

Mentors for the Rising Stars Program

Dr. Burcu Ates            Dr. Yvonne Garza
Dr. Yasmine Butler Dr. Judith Nelson
Dr. Jennifer Crispin            Dr. Teri Lesesne
Dr. Lindsay Dennis            Dr. Mary Nichter
Dr. Jennifer Didier            Dr. Fred Lunenburg
Dr. Karla Eidson            Dr. Rebecca Robles-Pina
Dr. Matthew Fuller Dr. Timothy Jones
Dr. Allison Glave            Dr. George Moore
Dr. Amanda Healey            Dr. Richard Watts
Dr. Charlene Henderson Dr. Diana Nabors
Dr. Sally Heineke            Dr. Barbara Polnick
Dr. Hye –Suk Lee Park            Dr. Melinda Miller
Dr. Karin Perry            Dr. Barbara Greybeck
Dr. Chad Rose Dr. Tony Onwuegbuzie
Dr. Susan Skidmore Dr. Tony Onwuegbuzie
Dr. Nancy Stockall Dr. Melinda Miller
Mr. Jeffrey Sullivan Dr. Yvonne Garza


Previous Rising Stars and Mentors

Rising Stars Members

Dr. Valerie Sharon, Rising Star and Dr. Barbara Polnick, Mentor


2010-2011 COE Rising Stars

Mentors for the Rising Stars Program

Dr. Luanna Zellner Dr. Debra Price
Dr. Matthew Wagner Dr. Richard Watts
Dr. Jose Santiago Dr. Richard Watts
Dr. Hannah Gerber Dr. Teri Lesene
Dr. Sheila Joyner Dr. John Slate
Dr. Teresa Hughes Dr. Mary Nichter
Dr. Valerie Sharon Dr. Barbara Polnick
Dr. Jessica Rueter Dr. Sharon Lynch
Dr. Mary Petron Dr. Rebecca Robles-Pina
Dr. Lindsey Dennis Dr. Alice Fisher
Dr. Sally Heineke Dr. Barbara Polnick
Dr. Hye-Suk Lee Park Dr. Melinda Miller
Dr. Chad Rose Dr. Tony Onwuegbuzie
Dr. Jennifer Crispin Dr. Teri Lesene
Ms. Allison Glave Dr. Alice Fisher
Dr. Jennifer Jeansonne Dr. Fred Lunenburg
Dr. Amanda Healey Dr. Richard Watts
Dr. Karla Eidson Dr. Rebecca Robles-Pina
Dr. Carlene Henderson Dr. Diana Nabors
Dr. Nancy Stockall Dr. Melinda Miller



2009-2010 COE Rising Stars



Ms. Dixie Carwile
Dr. Donna Cox
Dr. Hannah Gerber
Dr. Ivy Hseih
Dr. Teresa Hughes
Dr. James Hynes
Dr. Sheila Joyner
Dr. Robert Maninger
Dr. Cynthia Martinez-Garcia
Dr. Lautrice Nickson
Dr. Mary Petron
Dr. Jessica Rueter
Dr. Jose Santiago
Dr. Sheryl Serres
Ms. Valerie Sharon
Dr. Matthew Wagner
Dr. Joan Williams
Dr. Luanna Zellner

Mentors for Rising Stars Program 2009-2010

Dr. Rebecca Bustamante
Dr. Stacey Edmonson
Dr. Shirley Johnson
Dr. Teri Lesesne
Dr. Fred Lunenburg
Dr. Sharon Lynch
Dr. Barbara Polnick
Dr. Debbie Price
Dr. Dianne Reed
Dr. Mary Robbins
Dr. Rebecca Robles-Piña
Dr. Cindy Simpson
Dr. John Slate
Dr. Richard Watts

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