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College of Education

Han Family

Since January 2012, two visiting scholars from Korea came to our College of Education. Dr. Kyungsoo Han and Dr. Sookhee Choi are a married couple, with interest in advancements of computer networking and statistics in Education. Both Drs. Han and Choi graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Statistics at Seoul National University, Korea’s first national university and one of the world’s top ranked schools. Dr. Han is currently a professor in the Department of Statistics at Chonbuk National University in Korea, one of ten Flagship Korean National Universities. He has been active in web-based education, mobile learning, and the development of educational software; with hopes that materials via the Internet will address classroom problems, such as student apathy, and trigger student participation. Dr. Choi is currently part of the Department of Psychology at Woosuk University. With experience in web-based electronic text, she has performed statistical consulting and data analysis in various fields for graduate students, researchers, and professors as well as placed importance on applications of the World Wide Web (WWW) as alternative media for information communication in class teachings. Both Dr. Han and Dr. Choi have written over 40 articles and three books.

Drs. Han and Choi have three lovely daughters, two of which are attending college, whereas the youngest is currently attending high school in Huntsville, Texas. The family, currently living in Elkins Lake, enjoys the serenity and quietness of the surroundings. Both professors will be staying in the College Of Education for one year, and can be located on the third floor office in the Department of Leadership and Counseling. Thanks to Dr. Irby, Associate Dean and Dr. Edmonson, Department Chair of Educational Leadership and Counseling for their arrangement. Both Drs. Han and Choi are open to collaborate and engage in any research activities with our faculty during their stay.