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In the Fall semester of 2011, ten delegates from HuaiYin Teachers University of China visited Sam Houston. Our College of Education has had a long-term relationship with this university since 2005. Dean Brown made the first visit to HuaiYin Teachers University in 2005 and last year, Deans Irby and Smith also visited the school. In 2007, our former and current Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Payne and Dr. Hebert, along with Mr. Parker, Vice President of Student Services and the Music Band of SHSU, also went to visit.  Every time Sam Houston faculty and staff visited the school, we were treated like VIPs, and we are so grateful for it.

This group of delegates from HuaiYin including their leaders, Mr. Li Huizhao of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Dean Chen Xia of the school of Foreign Languages, and Dean Xu Jiming of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering stayed for three months in Huntsville. Dr. Irby, our Associate Dean, together with Dr. Li, International Coordinator of the College of Education, made arrangements for them to stay at the University Place Apartments behind The MacDonald’s at Sam Houston Avenue. 

Our faculty and staff of College of Education family surprised the faculty members of HuaiYin with our Southern hospitality and a warm welcome from SHSU BearKat by making arrangements in furnishing and outfitting their five apartments. Dr. Li took them to visit places in Houston and College Station, and translated for them on many different occasions. In addition, Dr. Li was able to connect them with their corresponding departments and colleges so that they had the opportunity to exchange ideas with our faculty, since this visit was part of their continuing education for the faculty members of HuaiYin. The delegates attended classes in different departments and Colleges including Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Arts, Physics and Criminal Justice.

Our College of Education was the host for HuaYin’s faculty coming, because we have established a good working relationship with them through the effort of our Deans.  With the help of Drs. Payne and Hebert, we have been working on a more detailed memorandum of understanding. SHSU has already signed an agreement with HuaYin University so that their top students will come to SHSU and in particular, to the College of Education. We look forward to seeing some of the Chinese students from HuaiYin coming to our SHSU campus soon.