The thesis process

For specific information on the Thesis Process, please review Master's Thesis from the Handbook.

Direction on thesis preparation, submission of final copies and deadlines can be found through the following sites:

Thesis Process Checklist

1. Student selects a topic and assembles a committee .

Send Appointment of Thesis Committee to the Dean's office.

2. Pass Capstone (equivalent to Master's Comprehensive Exam).

(This needs to be completed by the deadline on the CHSS webpage. Some students might complete the comprehensive exams after the proposal defense.) The Report of Comprehensive Exam will be sent to the Dean's office after passing Capstone.

3. Determine appropriate style manual.

4. Secure approval for human subjects if necessary (before proposal defense).

5. Submit draft of proposal to thesis committee.

6. Work with Director on thesis.  

7. Submit draft to thesis committee.  

8.  Take draft to Library for approval of basic style and format (6 weeks prior to graduation).  

9. Reserve room by contacting Sonya Miller (for PSC) 936-294-1210 or email or Rhonda Reddoch (for CHSS conference room) at 936-294-3552 or email. .

(This must occur before thesis will be accepted for signatures.)

10. Make corrections. Return to Director.  

11. Secure signatures of the Thesis Committee on the Approval page ( bond paper) and   signature of the Thesis Director on the Thesis Route Sheet.

(Note: This is the Office of Graduate Studies Thesis Route Sheet. It is the only acceptable form. After completing all shaded areas (some have a drop-down, while others require typing) print and acquire all the appropriate signatures.)

12. Take thesis, signed approval page (bond paper), and Route Sheet to Dean's office.

(Director signature should be on Route Sheet & approval page.)

13. Make recommended changes. Return corrected copy to Dean's office for signature.

14. Take final copy (bond paper), approval page (bond paper), & Route Sheet to Library for signature.

15. Make any changes requested. Return final copy plus all extra copies, approval page, extra abstract, and Route Sheet to the Library for final signature. 

16. Take Route Sheet to Graduate Studies Office.

17. Take signed Route Sheet to the Registrar's Office.