audrey k. miller, ph.d.


Curriculum Vita


Assistant Professor of Psychology

Research interests include self-perception and other-attribution in social, clinical, and clinical-forensic contexts.


CHSS 378


Research program

The Laboratory for the Study of Self-Perception and Other-Attribution in Context (SPOAC) conducts research that broadly integrates clinical, personality, and social psychological perspectives. Specific foci include contextual and prejudicial factors influencing blame and responsibility (culpability) attribution; self-blame, coping, and resilience in victims and socially marginalized persons; personality, prejudice, and prejudice reduction; narrative phenomenology and research methods; and, application of these issues to clinical and clinical-forensic domains.

For example, recent research within the lab has focused on the following specific topics:

  • Sexual assault, stigma threat, posttraumatic growth, and sexual revictimization

  • Measurement of racist sexuality stereotypes and assessment of their influence on sexual assault victim culpability attribution

  • Sexual assault legal context and victim culpability

  • Development and validation of a culpable control scale of blame

  • Personality and situational predictors of sexual prejudice and prejudice reduction

  • Ethnicity and posttraumatic growth




Laboratory for the Study of Self-Perception and Other-Attribution in Context (SPOAC)

Front Row: Di Wang*, Antoinette King**, Emily Kennedy*, Michelle Stein*

Back Row: Tasha Menaker*, Erika Canales*, Tamika Backstrom*, Leandro F. Velasco*,

                        Jason Duncan*, Amanda Amacker*, Audrey K. Miller

Not Pictured: Kristina Nungaray**, Joanna Shaw Rose**, Maverick Wagner**

*Graduate student in clinical psychology

**Ronald E. McNair Scholar, undergraduate student