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----------------------------------- 20 graduate students -----------------------------------
Synthesis of CdTe quantum dots and study of their photo-stability and thermal-stability

by Poorna Tharaka Wansapura, 2014 -----> Texas Tech Ph.D. program

Download P. T. Wansapura's thesis (2.6 MB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Study of the toxicity of synthetically- and biologically-produced cadmium telluride nanoparticles and an examination of the effects of S-adenosyl methionine amendment on bnf05 bacterial headspace

by Desiré Lopez, 2014 -----> ChemJet International, Conroe Texas

Download D. Lopez's thesis (3.3 MB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Resistance of Escherichia coli Towards Toxic Metalloidal Oxyanions and gsha, gshb Genes in Their Glutathione Biosynthetic Pathway, and an Effort to Produce an Escherichia coli Strain with a Higher Glutathione Content

by Gayan A. Appuhamillage, 2013 -----> University of Texas, Dallas Ph.D program

Download G.A. Appuhamillage's thesis (1.5 MB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
The Bacterial Toxicity of Selenocyanate and the Incorporation of Tellurium and Selenium in Bacterial Cells, and the Synthesis and Biosynthesis of Cadmium Telluride Nanoparticles and Their Elemental Quantification via ICP-AES

by Rebecca A. Montes, 2012 -----> Houston ISD

Download R. Montes's thesis (1.6 MB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Determination of Selenium and Tellurium Oxyanion Toxicity, Detection of Metalloid-Containing Headspace Compounds, and Quantification of Metalloid Oxyanions in Bacterial Culture Media

by Radhika Burra, 2009 -----> University of Louisville, Ky

Download R. Burra's thesis (1.4 MB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
----------------------------------- 15 -----------------------------------
The Analysis of Selenocyanate from the Broth Cultures of Selenium-Resistant Bacteria Using Solid-Phase Extraction and Capillary Electrophoresis

by James D. Fox, 2008 -----> University of North Texas Ph.D. program

Download J.D. Fox's thesis (6.0 MB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Capillary Electrophoretic Determination of Selenocyanate and Selenium and Tellurium Oxyanions in Bacterial Cultures

by Bala Krishna Pathem, 2007 -----> UCLA Ph.D. program ----> HGST (formerly IBM)

Download Bala Pathem's thesis (816 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Identification of Organo-tellurium and Organo-selenium Compounds in the Headspace Gases Above Genetically Modified Escherichia coli Amended with Tellurium and Selenium Salts

by Jerry W. Swearingen, Jr., 2005 -----> Core Laboratories, Houston Texas

Download Jerry Swearingen's thesis (2.5 MB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
The Biological Metabolism of Nitrate and Nitrite in Pseudomonas fluorescens K27 Amended with Tellurium

by Wei Tian, 2004

Download Wei Tian's thesis (1.3 MB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Mass Balance and Trapping of Headspace Samples of Bioremediation
in Selenium-Amended Samples

by Suminda Hapuarachchi, 2002 -----> U. Arizona Ph.D. program -----> Ph.D 2006 -----> Amgen Inc.

Download Suminda Hapuarachchi's thesis (672 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
----------------------------------- 10 -----------------------------------
Developing a Method for Determining the Mass Balance of Selenium and Tellurium Bioprocessed by a Selenium-Resistant Bacterium Grown in the Presence of Selenite or Tellurite

by Janet H. Bius, 2001 -----> University of Kansas Ph.D. program

Download Janet Bius' thesis (144 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Inorganic Selenium and Tellurium Speciation in Aqueous Medium of Biological Samples

by Rukma S.T. Basnayake, 2001 -----> Texas Tech. Ph.D. program-----> Ph.D. 2006

Download Rukma Basnayake's thesis (712 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Reduction and Methylation of Various Selenium Anions by Pseudomonas fluorescens K27 in Bioreactor-Based Batch Cultures

by Lynn A. Eriksen, Jr., 1999 

Download Lynn Eriksen, Jr.'s thesis (724 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Following the Headspace Production of Dimethyl Telluride Produced by Pseudomonas fluorescens Amended with Sodium Tellurate or Sodium Tellurite

by Osman M. Akpolat, 1999 

Download O.M. Akpolat's thesis (574 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Isolation And Investigation of Antimony-Resistant Bacterial Cultures

by Eser Becer, 1997 -----> General Electric Corp, Houston Texas

Download Eser Becer's thesis (410 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document.

----------------------------------- 5

Toxicity Comparison of Selenium Oxyanions with a Proposed Biomethylation Intermediate Dimethyl Selenone in a Minimal Medium Accompanied by Selenium Distribution Analysis

by Rui Yu, 1996 

Download Rui Yu's thesis (507 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Investigation of the Biological Reduction and Methylation of Antimony Compounds

by Hakan Gürleyük, 1996  -----> U. Mass. Ph.D. Program -----> Ph.D 2001 -----> Applied Speciation LLC.

Download Hakan Gürleyük's thesis (312 kB) 
Design and Application of a Dynamic Headspace Sampling System for the Study of Bioremediation of Toxic Metalloids by Bacteria

by Steve McCarty, 1994  -----> Valero Refining

Download Steve McCarty's thesis (176 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document 
Delineating the Distribution of Selenium in Bacterial Cultures That Reduce and Methylate Oxyanions of This Toxic Metalloid

by Wenbiao Jiang, 1994

Download Wenbiao Jiang's thesis (215 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document. 
Synthesis of Dimethyl Selenone and Studies on the Biomethylation Intermediates of Selenium Reduction and Methylation

by Limin Zhang, 1993 ----> Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Download Limin Zhang's thesis (215 kB) as an Adobe Acrobat Document.

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